the LOST ones


Angel Griffiths-Tapp

Ectopic Pregnancy 28 November 2008

6 weeks

Called home to your big brother, we are sorry we did not get the chance to know you but for the short time with us you were dearly loved and are very missed, rest peacefully little one Love Mum and Dad


kazinett martin houkamau

she bacame pure...... 16/05/08

38 weekz

we are missing you. our angel baby.mummy an dad love you 2 bitz. xoxox


Our Baby Bean

Miscarriage 11.12.08

8 weeks

You got lost on the way little baby and settled, snug in the wrong place.
Although we never got to know you, you will never be forgotten.
One day, when the time is right, you'll come back to us.
Love Mummy and Daddy


Charlie "Brown" Sharp

Drowned 10 August 2008

19 months

Through all the obstacles thrown at us from our very first scan, you beat them all & were born perfect! They sent you to teach many lessons, you taught me so much, i will never forget. You're in our every thought & we love you so much!
You'll live on forever in our hearts, we miss you, love you & send big angel hugs. xxx Mum, Dad & James.


Skylar Rae

SIDS 12-15-08

2 weeks

No matter what your still my baby. i love you and cannot wait to see you again


Joshua Matthew C. Ortiz

An Angel Born Sleeping November 15, 2007

7 months gestation

Joshua blessed our lives in so many ways during his short life and there will never be a single day that we will not think about him, that we will not talk about him, that we will stop loving him, and that we will not miss him. Joshua is in my heart, soul and mind every second, of every day. He is my son and always will be. Joshua is in every tear that falls on my face and every painful beat of my heart. He has brought our family a happiness we will never feel again and never forget - the joy of having another baby! Joshua will always be our precious baby, our sweet son.

I held Joshua in my arms for a little while, but I will hold him in my heart forever.


Savanna A. Renteria

born 13 weeks too soon 12/31/1996

7 months gestation

A little angel in heaven


Warren McKenzie

Miscarriage 29-10-08

11 weeks

Although i had you for a short while there is still pain in my heart, your loved and missed everyday. Night Sweetheart xxx


little angel Carr

Miscarriage 29th December 2008


go back to the front of the line to wait for your turn again little spirit baby...


Baby Johnston

Miscarriage 28/07/08

10 weeks gestation

You were a very much wanted little brother or sister for
Katie and I think of you everyday xxx


Michael Douglas Peacocke

Born Sleeping 15-12-2008 15-12-2008

20 weeks and 4 Days

Michael, mummy and daddy MISS you so much... You will ALWAYS be in our hearts and on our minds. Hope you are playing with your sisiter or brother, also I know your great grandparents will be taking care of you.
LOVE YOU HEAPS MICHAEL and we will never forget you!


Angel with Michael

miscarriage 21-02-2008

6 weeks and 4 days

We are always thinking about you. Hope you are playing with your brother Michael. You are always in our hearts and on our minds.
With Lots of Love
Mummy & Daddy


baby williamson

miscarriage 11/25/2008

5 weeks

i will always miss you baby. i dont know the reason, but obviously God had a good reason to take you home so early. I will always miss you, love you, and never forget you. may God always bless your soul. you mean the world to me.


Jherney Elizabeth Michalski

Born sleeping. 4 months early. 9-24-08. October 1, 2008.

1 week.

Love and miss you so much. We wanted you so badly. Why did this happen to you? We still don't understand, and never will. Until we meet again,
we'll always remeber you. Love you sweetie.


All The Babies That Passed On.

Many ways All babies that died

All ages

Poor little ones. You know you're parents just LOVE you, and they cannot wait to meet you again. See you in heaven, all you little ones. Perfect gifts. Taken away sooner than all your family wanted.


All Babies That Are Now Gone.

Many ways. All dates

All ages.

Can anyone forget you all? I wouldn't be able to do it if I was your family member. No way could all of you babies be more special than ever. All your families LOVE ya, and they are thankful you are there watching over them. So, Lord, please keep all these babies safe. All you babies up there:

BE GOOD. you know you're mommy an daddy will be so proud of you to hear that you were good. Until they meet again, REST EASY. REMEMBER: You are NEVER forgotten.


Baby Kidney Bean

Car accident while I was pregnant w/ you 12/25/2008

6 1/2 Weeks.

Oh, how I wish you could have stayed. Christmas was such an awful day because you left me.
Mommy LOVES you so much.Daddy loves you more than he can possibly admit. I'm 15, but hey, you should have gotten the chance!! I guess you'll come back someday. Please, can you come back to my belly? I'd be so happy if you returned. No matter how many children are born to me and daddy in the future, you'll always be the first.


Gwendolynn Peterson

Menengitis. 10/24/1961.

9 months.

Hey baby!! It's your neice, Sueanne. Your brother Keith is my daddy. I wish I'd gotten to meet you. One day, though, I'll get my wish. Even though I never got to meet you, I love you, and miss you, too.


Markin R. Peterson, Sr.

Very Sick.  December 26, 2004

78 years, 2 months.

Love and miss you, Grandpa. I feel like this is my fault!! I'm so sorry!!

-Your Granddaughter, Suse-a-bell.


Ronald J. Michalski

Sick. Bad heart.  December 11, 2004.

64 years, 6 months.

Hey, Grandpa. I miss you so much. I feel like this is my fault!! I'm so sorry!!


Elaine Rose Peterson.

Sick. To Late For Anyone To Help. March 25, 2005.

47 years.

Hey, Auntie Elaine. I feel like this is all my fault!! I'm very sorry!! I'll NEVER, EVER forget you!! Please, be good, safe, and protect all of us. Bye, Auntie Elaine, bye.


Marie L. Miller.

Old Age. Sadly Missed.  October 12, 2006.

93 years.

Hi, Grandma!! Hope you're ok up there. I feel like all my family members' deaths are MY fault!! Hope to see you soon!!
By the way, mommy says "Hi." I'm so sorry!!


Gerald Miller.

Drank Too Much. Too Late For Help.  9/21/1961

18 years.

Hey, Grandpa!! I know you don't know me, but Nancy Peterson had me in 1995. Your daughter. Hope you are ok!! Mommy says hello, too.


Myra Kendelle Smith.

Car accident.  1/4/2009.

16 1/2 weeks.

Hey sweetie. I'm sorry I go into that accident that claimed your very short life. You are such a blessing. Thanks for making Daddy, Mummy, Kendra, and Stephanie.


My Baby.

Miscarriage.  11/12/08.

3 months along.

I live you, Baby!! I wish you were still here!! I don't know why God chose to take you, but he must have had a great reason. Please stay safe. I'll see you agin someday. Watch over your future brothers and sisters, please. No matter how many more kids me and daddy have, you'll always be the first.

Mommy and Daddy.


Azley Marissa Kingzinger.

Car Accident. Hemorrahge. 12/24/2007.

29.4 weeks.

Hey, sweetie. I'll never forget you. The feeling of you inside me was so special, oh, how I wish you were here in my belly. I don't know what to do now that you are gone. I hope you are happy, and are safe. Thank-you for making your mummy, daddy, sister, Lilley, 6, all safe and alright from the accident. You are a bright star in the sky, making sure we're ok. Thank-you so much for keeping your family safe. Now, thank-you for your brother. He is keeping us going. Your baby brother was a miracle baby. He was born at 31 weeks, and made it!! Thanks for making this happen. Without you, we would have never moved on. But, there isn't a day that goes by when mommy, daddy, lily, and now Alex don't think of you. Someday, Alex will know he had a sister before him, and will be excited to meet you someday in Heaven. Thanks for all the safety you are giving us, and thank-you for making your little brother a miracle baby. Your brother came to us on January 3, 2008 at 6 pounds, 2 ounces. And, when we held him in our arms, we said: "Thank-you, Azley, Thank-you." Love and Miss you. You'll never be forgotten. Bye, sweet baby girl, we love you.


Kayden Alexzander Matthews.

Heart Stopped. Hemorrahged.  12/2/1998.

11 weeks, 6 days.

I'm so sorry!! I never meant for this to happen, sweetie. I'll always remeber you. Until we meet again, I love you so much. Bye, honey.


Marlene Peterson.

Anurysm. Bled Into Her Head. No Help.  1-24-08

56 years.

Hi, Marlene. It's your cousin, Keith's daughter, Sueanne. Maybe you know me, maybe you don't. But, anyways, I love and Miss you.


Roman Micheal Fendryk.

Cancer. Non-Hogdkin's Lymphoma.  October 8, 2006.

8 years.

Hey Roman. It's your sister's friend, Sueanne. I just wanted to let you know that Desi, Emily, Mom, and Dad miss you alot. Keep them safe.


Brutus Peterson.

Cancer.  4/16/2003/

About 14 years.

Hi, Brutus. I miss ya boy. Hope you're happy up with God in Doggy Heaven. I'll always remember you. We have another dog, now. A 3-and-a-half years old purebred black lab named Sheba. Charlie's still here, too. He misses you more than you know, like all of us. I'm sorry!! I wish I could've prevented this from happenning to you. I'm so sorry, boy. Remeber me.
Love you,
Sueanne, Charlie, Dad, mom, Jacob.




31.1 WEEKS



Liam Lesile John Clifton

Stilborn 26.09.05

22 Weeks and 6 days

Everday I say your name hopeing you will here me, I long for the day we can be together again,
Until then I love you baby boy ...XXX


Baby Tipping #1

Missed Miscarriage 24/3/2004

13 weeks

Mummy & Daddy still think of you everyday, you will forever be my first baby. Each year i imagine how old you are, what you may look like, my dream of you never dies.

We love you forever
Mummy & Daddy xx


Twin Baby Tipping's #2 & #3

Missed Miscarriage 25/7/2005

10 weeks

Blessed with not only a pregnancy, but 2 of you. How we longed for you.
We miss you everyday. I imagine both of you, how old you would be, the mischief you would be getting up to.

We love you forever, our twins

Mummy & Daddy xx


Baby Tipping #4

Heart Stopped at 9 weeks. 20/10/2008

12 weeks

My heart is aching for you everyday, i long to see you on the screen again with your heart beating strong & your perfect little body. each time you are getting closer to us, but are still not here to hold.
I know you are watching down on us. Your cot still sits in your room, your clothes still in the cupboard, but i know you are gone from me.

I love you more than words can say.
Goodbye sweet angel

Mummy & Daddy xx


Angel Baby Lockie

Miscarriage  04/01/09

5 weeks 1 day

A much wanted baby, we love you angel


Aiden James Worthington Gibson

Breathed in fluid in birthing canal 3 - Jan 2009


I'm your Grandma. you left before I could get there. I held you in my arms and you were so beautiful and always in my heart.


Moana Aroha Tomlinson

Miscarriage  august 2002

9 wks

always treasured in our hearts
love mummy daddy and your surviving twin sister, and your other 5 siblings.


tomlinson Angel 2

miscarriage 2005

11.5 wks

treasured in our hearts forever.


Tomlinson angel 3

miscarriage 2006

7 wks

Forever treasured in our hearts


Ryder Alexzander James Smith

Breathed in Fluid While Delivering.  1/9/2009.

4 hours.

I'm so sorry!! You weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces. You were perfect!! Why now? Why ever? I miss you as I said Good bye to you at your funeral today. You are so beautiful. You said your final goodbye at 3:00 PM today. I feel so bad, baby boy. I'm sorry. Bye.


Alexis Harmonee

Born sleeping  4/10/08

born sleeping



Alejandro Fernando Arias Ortiz

miscarage / arojo 09/01/2007

14 weeks/ semanas

Estas en mi corazon Hijito lindo y bello por ti conoci la felicidad y supe que serias mi Angel de la Guarda me dejastes un vacion muy grande en mi corazon Te quiero mucho - de tus padres Fernando Lorenzo Arias Urbina - Rosita Ortiz -


Jacob James Keane

Born sleeping 25/3/2007

21 weeks

I love you everyday. You will always be in my heart.


Caillan Jobe Brown, Australia

Unknown 04/11/2009

32 weeks

Twin brother of Ryder who is doing well. Fly free wee angel


Caillan Jobe Brown, Australia

Unknown 03/1/2009

32 weeks

Twin brother of Ryder who is doing well. Fly free wee angel


Mikey Jhon Stephen Maye.

Heart Bleed. Traumatic Birth.  1/12/2009.

34.5 wks. 3 1/2 hrs.

I'm so sorry, buddy, I didn't mean to let you go. Forgive me!! I love you, and I think of you every second of the day. Mummy didn't mean to give you trauma. Blame the car accident!! LOVE AND MISS YOU!! -Mummy, Daddy, big sissy Kaylie, and big sissy Laynie.


Makennah Jo Kingzinger.

Born to0 early. Had 3 months to go.  1/14/09.

6 hours.

My sweet baby!! Why you? Why ever? I guess your big sisy wants you there by her. Your sissy, Kylie May, 5, died in 2005 as a result of her carseat's latch broke when we were in a car accident. 12/5/2003. Have fun meeeting your sissy!! Be good!! Love you!! Mummy, daddy. xoxoxoxo. I love you so much!! Kylie, I'm sorry we got you that faulty car seat. Miss you and think of you every day!! XOXOXO once again!! Bye, girls. See you soon!!


Raymie Jo Kessler.

Both Were Killed In A Car Accident.  12/27/08.

3 Months.

I'm sorry, girls. I feel it's my fault. I'll never forget you. I have a billion pictures.I'll always think of you. Thank-you for making me and daddy ok. We're just sorry you weren't ok. We're so sorry!! Please, accept our big angel hugs!!
-Love, mummy, daddy xoxoxoxo. Until we meet agin, girls, sweeties, we love you forever. We know you're in a better place.


Amy Lee Kessler.

Car Accident Just Like Your Sissy.  12/27/08.

3 months.

Hi, Amy. I feel this is my fault. Your death, and your twin sissy's. I'm so sorry. Until we meet again, sweetie, be good, and know mummy and daddy love you so much, and think of you everyday. Miss you, too. We're sorry!! -Love,
Mummy, Daddy. XOXOXOXO. Send BIG angel hugs to both you girls.


Kessley Jo Micheels.

Brain Tumor. Cancer.  12/26/08.

1 year, 3 months.

I'm so sorry, baby girl. Why you? why ever? I'll never ever know, or understand why.
I'm sorry!! Mommy, Daddy, big sissy, Mekayla love you so much!! XOXOXOXO. I miss you!!
Love, mommy, and daddy. We'll never forget you. Mekayla says: "I miss you, my sister. And, I love you with all my heart." Bye, honey. Until we meet again, Rest easy, and remember mommy, daddy, and sissy love you so much. We send you BIG angel hugs. XOXO.


Baby bump#1

miscarriage 3-4-2004

9 weeks

I think of you often little one.


Baby bump#4 - twins

miscarriage 16-1-09

10 weeks

Miss you so much little ones.


Sarenity Shey Slaughter

Miscarried. 15 january 2008

23 weeks

Youll always be my baby girl, save me a spot in heaven. Love mommy


Angel's W

Miscarriages 2003 and 2007

6 weeks and 8 weeks

I love you my angles and always think of you daily.

I love you lots.

Love Mummy and Daddy and your brother's and sister's.


Ashley Annabelle Kiels.

Born Sleeping, True Knot In Cord.  1/22/2009.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

My little angel!! I'm sorry!! You are missed and loved always by mummy, daddy, sisters Lynney, and Mary Anne. Love and miss you!! Gone, but forever in our hearts!! Save us a spot in Heaven!!
Mummy, Daddy, Lynney, and Mary Anne.


Amanda Rose Marie Henderson.

Heart Attack In Mummy's Tummy.  1/23/2009.

39.5 Weeks Pregnant.

My beautiful baby girl, why? Why have you gone? Why did things go this way? I'm sorry!! Good bye, sweetie. We'll never forget you. NEVER.
-Love, Mummy and Daddy XOXOXO.


Sweet Baby, Lily Rose Markson.

Distressed. Heart Stopped at 13 Wks. 1/26/2009.

16 Weeks Pregnant.

My sweet baby!! I love you!! I miss you!! Save us a spot in Heaven, please, sweetie. To Our Baby Girl:
Good Night, God Bless, Sweetheart.
Love always to our angel, Lily Rose Markson.


Little Finn Feijoa

Miscarriage July 2008

some weeks

I hold you in my heart forever.


Sebastian Paul Williams

Born Still but Still Born 22/01/09

22 weeks 4 days

Sebastian, you have changed our lives. We don't know why you had to leave and we miss you every minute of every day. We love you so much and it is heartbreaking that we will never get to know you. We held you only briefly but will hold you in our hearts forever.

Lots of love and kisses Mummy, Daddy and Ella xoxoxo


for all the sad parents

babies become angels ,God needs them x 010101


for all the parents of the babies gone to soon. i am so so sorry xx


Ezra James Tobin

Born too soon 24-10-2008


I miss you everyday and i'll love you forever


Baby Evans

ectopic pregnancy/tubal rupture. 23-01-09

10 weeks

Sleep in peace our sweet angel, you will always be missed.


For All The Poor Parents.

Any Way.  All days, yrs, months.

All Ages.

I'm here for you, all you poor parents! I too lost a baby on 10/1/2008. She's on here. Jherney, look for that name. I send you all hugs. xxxx. I'm so sorry. xx.


Hannah Jo Litzer

Born Sleeping. True Knot In Cord.  2/11/2009.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm sorry sweetie!! I love and miss you always!! Daddy & Mummy love and miss you forever!! Save us a spot in Heaven!! Right by you, we'd like!! Until then, we love and miss you!!
-Love and BIG angel hugs,
Mummy & Daddy.


Priscilla Faith Boisselier

heart stopped (cystic hygroma) January 30,2009

16 weeks and 4 days

My little Princess, we will miss you so much!!! I love you and I know you are with me everyday and one day i will be able o hold you again. Till then help me watch over your brothers and sister. I love you!!


Chase Z Anglemyer

SIDS 02/12/2009

2 Months

Chase Aunt Titi Will love you always and miss you dearly.


archie william larham

premature birth 16.01.09

1 week old

We love you and miss you


olivia mai larham

premature birth 26.01.09

16 days

we love and miss you


Baby Williams

No heart beat 19/02/2009

5 week 4 days

I will always love you and i felt a connection from he start. Daddy loves you to.


Caillan Jobe Brown

Born Sleeping 06/01/09

Born Sleeping

Caillan (Pumpkin), know that you are loved and adored and we appreciate you guiding your twin brother Ryder Patrick to safety. I love you so much and I miss you more than I can put into words

Love always and forever,
Aunty Nessa


Tessah Marie Lynne Shmitz

Born At 5 Months too soon.  2/17/2009

Born At 19.2 Weeks.

Oh, Tessah!! I love and miss you so much!! You were due on
July 21st of 2009. Why couldn't you came then? Not so soon. Daddy, Mummy, and sissy Reesah (5 yrs. old) love and miss you more than it can be put into words.

Rest in Peace, Baby Girl. We love you so much, sweetie. PLEASE save a spot in Heaven right next to you. We love and miss you, once again.
Forver yours,
Mummy & Daddy.


Addisyn Asha Te Ariki McCall

Miscarriage At 3 Mnths  14-6-08

3 Mnths

My babie, I think about you all the time... RIP babie gurl


Aden Khole Glantzer

He was too perfict for this world. 06-26-2005

Three Precious Days.

I love you and miss you son... You are still the love of my life...


Caillan Jobe Brown

Born Sleeping 6 January 2009

32.5 weeks

Our precious baby boy, we love and miss you more than we can ever say. You are and always will be the most adored little boy. Your twin Ryder is doing so well and it's thanks to you, our beautiful angel in heaven. We will always hold you in our hearts and the memories we have of you will be treasured forever.
All our Love,
Mummy & Daddy xxx


Jack Emil Hindrup

Born sleeping 26-02-08

37 weeks gest.

A little life, not a little loss


Twins: Emilia & Starr.

Born Sleeping .True Knot In Cord (Both). 2/20/2009.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm sorry baby girls!! I love you both so much!!

-Forever Yours,
Mummy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxoxox.


Lexia Hanes

No Heart Beat. Miscarry, In Other Words. 2/25/2009

14 Wks. Pregnant.

I'm sorry!! I love and miss you so much!!
-Forever Yours,
Mummy & Daddy xoxoxoxox.


Baby Polima

Miscarriage September 2007


Lovin you always precious bubzki ... heart aches for the hole that you have left ..


Baby Polima

Miscarriage August 2000

8 weeks

Love you always my beautiful precious!!!


beautiful blessed angel

miscarrige newyears 2008


thankyou for allowing us to become your parents for even a short while, we were blessed to have you in our lifes, loved forever and never forgotten love mum and dad


Shiloh Jade & Gemma O'donnell

Miscarriage 16th September 2006

16 weeks

Our two sweet angels.
My heart broke when we lost you both.I think about you every single day.
You are both so loved & you will always be forever in our hearts. We wish that both of you were here with us today & We are deeply saddened we will never have the opportunity to get to know you both.

You will always be mummy & daddy's precious angels. We love you both


**Baby Martel**

miscarriage 27-02-2009


Your the reason for the teardrops on my guitar, the only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star, your the song in the car i keep singing, dont know why i do. (Teardrops on my guitar, Taylor Swift)


Anahera Kawiti-Harimate

Born Sleeping 23.12.1993


Words cannot express the way I felt when I saw you, You were my first little girl, and 15 years later I remember it like it was yesterday!
'A mother's love never dies'
Arohanui Mum


Namatahi Rawiri-Kawiti

miscarriage 18.09.2002

18 weeks

You are my baby boy, 'An angel in heaven, full of love, Sent to me from up above - Words cannot express the tears and the pain, I shed these tears with all my love Until we meet again'


Moe Rawiri-Kawiti

Born Sleeping 15 July 2008

35 Weeks

The day we met face to face, it was the saddest day, the first time that I saw you I had to give you away, I left you with my Nana, who I know will show you love, Until I get the chance to join you up above.'

Not a day goes by when I dont think about the day we met. As I long as I live I shall never ever forget holding you in my arms touching your hair and wishing I could bring you to our home' With all our hearts we will always love you and never forget you - Arohanui Mum, Dad & your whanau


Cadence Marie Butcher

Stillborn 2-25-2009

31 weeks. 26 days.

However long the night, the dawn will break.


Kahurangi Jellybean Hart-Daley

born sleeping 25/01/06

40 weeks and 2 days.

My precious jewel.
I love you so much and think about you everyday.
xxx mor.


Azlee Hannah Hampton

CDH & HLHS.  3/6/2009.

3 Days, 8 Hours.

I'm sorry!! I love you so much!! My angel!!
Thinking of you always,
Mumma & Dadda xoxoxoxo.


Mason and Cole Sangster

Premature-24.1 weeks 12-12-08 / 20-1-09

6 hours / 40 days

Our precious twin are deeply loved and will forever be in our hearts. Thank you...every moment was magical.
Love always, Mommy and Daddy


Twins: Liam & Jack

Miscarried/HLHS/CDH.  3/9/2009

14 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm sorry!! I love you boys more than you know, and forever that will stay. Save us a spot in Heaven!! We love and miss you boys!!
Mommy & Daddy.


Emily Elizabeth Brooks

Heart stopped 2-21-2009

36 weeks

Mama loves you emily...I promise we will meet again someday.I miss you so much and I wish i was holding you right now but god had better plans even though mama dont understand i will one day baby girl......Love you so much


Jesse Lee Elizabeth.

Miscarriage. 2-22-2009.

9 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm sorry!!
Deep down, I KNEW you were a baby girl!! I love and miss you more than you know!! Save us a spot in Heaven. Forever loved and missed, Forever in our hearts.
With all our love,


Morgan Rae Krugielki

heart stopped 5 hours before delivery June 9, 2007

33 weeks

We miss you every single day. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.


Paige's twin

vanishing twin 4-5-06

14 weeks

I love you. Can't help but think about you every time I look at Paige. She seems to carry both personalities for the both of you.


4 wee ones

blood clots in the cord 1995,1996,2001,2003

all 1st trimester

After everything I still think of all of you. I know that you are all with me and your sisters. Fly, my angels.


My Wee Baby Hampten.

There Was 2 Blood Clots In The Cord. 3/12/2009

12 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm sorry!
I love and miss you MORE than words can ever express! Fly freely, my wee baby, fly. I had a feeling you were a boy! Just a hunch! Daddy too!
Forever Our Love To You,
Mommy & Daddy. xoxoxoxoxox. Always.


Naomi Lee King.

SIDS. (Also, A Heart Defect).  2/12/2009

2 Months, 3 Days.

I'm sorry baby girl!! I love and miss you more than words can say!! We'll never forget you!!
Forever Yours,
Mommy & Daddy. xoxoxoxo Always.


Jada-Marie Anahera Hughes

the cord was around her neck 9.03.2009

0 months

My gorgeous grandaughter too precious for this world you will never be forgotten.I love you

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