the LOST ones


Slade Farrell Hughes

died in his sleep 23.7.1992

1 month exactly

My boy always loved never forgotten look after Jada-Marie for reon and stacey xx


Sapphire Ann Ohia-Hart

Born silent September 14 2008

30 weeks

People ask us how many grandchildren we have. We say we had 3 and have 2. We had you for such a short time yet you changed our lives. Your beautiful round face, your rosebud lips and your soft curly hair are forever imprinted on our hearts. Now resting in the arms of your great-grandparents.
Nannie-ree and Papa-G will always remember you. love you little girl XXXXXXXX


Michael James Ryley Hanley.

Never Woke Up.Had Heart Trouble.  February 25, 2006.

2 1/2 Weeks.

I'm sorry!
I feel that your dying of a heart attack all because you were born at 34 weeks with a heart problem is my fault! I'm sorry! My sweet baby I Love! I'm so so sorry! Forgive us!
With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxox always.


Americus Natalee Lang.

STILL-BORN As Of Lack Of Blood No Reason March 29, 2007.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

I Love You, My Sweet Americus!
Mommy & Daddy Miss You Oh So Much! Join The Angels, Our Sweet Baby Girl! Save Us A Spot Right Next To You In Heaven!! With ALL Our Love,
Mummy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo always.


Cassidy Jay Ikahihifo-Manuel

Born Sleeping! 21 Dec b4 my b'day

39 weeks

my darling lil baby girl Cassidy Jay...Mummy misses you and loves you so much!!! i can't wait to see and hold you again baby... Love you forever!! mmmmwwaaahhh


Baby Adams (Number 2)

heart stopped beating 1-3-09 (8wks) gone on 19-3-09

8 wks gestation

I wanted you to grow big and strong in my belly and keep me warm this winter, I wanted your beautiful brother Izrael to teach you the ways of the world as he sees it. You never were in it for the long haul were you? unfinished business perhaps? Well when you are ready to come into our lives we will be waiting with arms wide open...god will get out his superglue and fix you. Dont be to long, Mummy and Daddy and Izy love you sunshine. xoxoxo


baby angel moses

heart stooped in mummys tummy 15 02 09

15 weeks gest

we will love and miss you forever and carry you in our hearts always love mummy daddy kyle georgia and phoebe xx


Jesse Elizabeth Kohle

True Knot & 2 Blood Clots In Cord. March 19, 2009.

21 Weeks Pregnant.

My angel Forever. I Love You So, So much! Please remeber Mommy & Daddy!! We'll Never Forget You! We Love And Miss You So, So Much!! Jesse, Thank-You For The Time I Carried You Inside Me, I'll Treasure That Time Always! I Promise!
Sending You BIG Angel Hugs,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo always and forever.


Stephanie Jayne Kirby

born forever sleeping 15-03-96

37 weeks

I miss you so much
The pain never goes away
Until we meet again...
Love you forever


**Our Angel Baby Girl**

STILL-BORN At 6:53 AM. HLHS.  3/23/2009.

22 Weeks Pregnant.

I love you so much! I'll never forget you!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy& Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo always and forever.


Aemin Ray Ford Potter

Stillborn 1-03-2009

7 months pregnant

We miss you so much sweetheart! Mommy and Daddy hurt so much, and we miss you more than anything! Remember what I told you underneath that dark blue tent? We will always love you. Can't wait to hold you in these arms again my precious Aemin!


George O'Brien Laing

mummy got urosepsis 13.03.09

12 weeks

mummy and daddy love you forever


Baby Laing

early miscarriage 7.10.08

6 weeks

we know you were here to bless us for a short time and we thank you for that time


Aiden James Alexzander Hanley.


7 Months Pregnant.

I'm so sorry, Angel! Forgive us! Aiden, thank-you for the time I carried you inside me. Daddy and I will treasure that time always and forever xoxoxoxoxoxoxo. Forever and ever you will be remebered, and missed. Love you, Baby Buddy!
Mommy & Daddy, xoxoxoxoxoxoxo always and forever, sweetie. Godd Nite & God Bless! Love Always To You!
Sending you BIG, warm Angel hugs & kisses. xoxoxo once more. Love you, baby boy.


Jack Bruce

miscarriage 15-12-2007


I love you forever my baby


Ray Emerson Bonner IV

Must Have Been Premie, Or Sick, Not Sure November 30, 2007.

1 Month, 3 Days.

Your family loves and misses you!


Ty Andrew.

STILL-BORN.  February 17, 2009.


Your family loves and misses you, Ty! xoxoxoxox always.
P.S. You are never forgotten! xoxoxoxo. Our Angel Baby Boy.


Jacob Michael Hulsey

Ectopic  25-3-2009

4 weeks

Dear God, Please hold our unborn child in your ever-loving embrace.Please let him know that our love can't be erased.Please bless us on this earth and help to ease the pain.Please plant a seed within our baby's heart of sunshine, not of rain.Please help the days get easier and the nights go quickly by.Please hold our hand when we can't do anything- but cry.Please forgive us when our sadness makes us come completely unglued.Please let Jacob know that there'll always be a place-within our heart, just for him, full of Divine Grace.And, when You call us Home to Your Kingdom up above-Please let us hold the baby- we never held...but, always loved. Amen


Andrew McIntyre

died minutes after being born at 22 week 31-03-2009

7 minutes old

Always in our hearts


Kyler Michael Kolt.

Lack Of Growth-No Reason At All.  April 22, 2008.

8 Months Pregnant.

I'm sorry baby boy! I love and miss you!
Mummy & Daddy xoxoxoxo to Kyler Michael!! He was the size of a 20-week baby at 36 weeks. He weighed 2 lbs. 5 oz. only! He wa sour little peanut boy!!
Love and miss you, sweetie!!
xoxoxooxox always. SENDING YOU BIG ANGEL HUGS!! xoxoxo.


Angel Boy: Jackson Daniel King


39 Weeks Pregnant.

We're so sorry Jackson! You were such a blessing....but one day, the doc could not find you're little heart beating. You were gone. You were perfect! 7 lbs. 15.6 oz. 22 1/4 inches!! Our Precious Baby Boy, Forgive Us! Love and hugs always to our angel baby boy: Jackson Daniel King! xoxoxoxo always, precious little boy!!
We love and miss you everyday! Your baby bro looks just like you! (Adam James-Born January 17, 2007. 6 lbs. 12 oz. 19 1/2 inches). He remind sus of you!! I and daddy can't believe it's been 13 years already! We're so sorry, baby boy!
Sending you big angel hugs and kisses, always,
mommy, daddy, bro Adam, and sis Jaycie (Born-April 27, 2008. 5 lbs. 2 oz. 17 1/2 inches). xoxoxoxo always sweetie!


Saphirah Alexis Kylie Jones.


40 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm so sorry, Saphirah! How beautiful you were! You were our peanut-5 lbs. 1 oz. 16 1/4 inches. xoxoxoxo to you, angel baby girl!! We love and miss you! Remembering you always and forever,
Mummy, Daddy, Twin Sisters: Alleyah & Kylie born-April 26, 2004. They were bigger than you! They were: 6 lbs. 9 oz. 17 1/2 inches, and 6 lbs. 6 oz. 16 1/4 inches.
We Love And Miss You!
xoxoxooxxoxoxoox always, sweetie!! Love, Mommy, Daddy, and you're little sisters!



Miscarriage 05/04/09

9 weeks

I wish i had a chance to meet you
kisses XoXo


Dakota Alexzander Jenkin

SIDS, Our Precious Angel Baby Boy.  November 4, 2006.

2 Months.

Oh, Dakota! We love and miss you so, so much baby boy! You were our little man! You were so loved by your sisters, Kylie, 7, and Danyelle, 2. They loved and protected you so, so much! Save us a spot right by your side in Heaven!!
-Love, And BIG Angel Hugs,
Mommy, Daddy, and sisters xoxoxoxoxoxoxox baby boy.


Kylie Alexis Kingler.

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  March 21, 2001.

Only 2 Days Old.

You were such a fighter, Kylie. You showed so much strength. You impressed us all. But, one day, you had to let go. You were to tired to fight anymore. We were so proud of you. You had your daddy's strength, and my beautiful blue eys, but you had daddy's blonde hair. LOL. You were beautiful! You were born at 6:25 AM on March 19, 2001 kicking and screaming, but we knew, since 20 weeks, you were a victim of HLHS. You were a peanut too-5 lbs. 7 oz. 16 inches. So perfect. Save us a spot in Heaven at your side, sweetheart. Good Nite, God Bless, and Love To You Always, sweetie.
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.


Kyler Daniel Smith.

He Had Congenital Diaphramic Hernia.  May 25, 1991.

2 Weeks.

We love you, Kyler! So, so much! Baby boy! You were born with a serious condition, but you fought so you could get to know us for 2 weeks! Thank-you, Kyler! It was awesome feeding, changing, and burping, and all we did with you! You even managed to smile at us a few times! We thank you for that! What a big boy you were-9 lbs. 7 oz. 15 1/4 inches! You weren't that had on mommy, though! It was OK, I LOVED Carrying you!
Save us a spot in Heaven, Sweet baby boy, please. We know you will.
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxo always, sweetheart.


Milino Tasmania

Miscarriage Unknown 26 March 2009

17 weeks

Our Sunshine Boy
Forever and always in our hearts...


TWIN OF: Danny Jackson Smith.

Twin 2 Twin Transfusion Syndrome. September 30, 2007.

20 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey, Jayden Alexzander! That's what mommy & daddy named you. You were so beautiful. You were 10.2 oz. and 9 1/2 inches. Your brother was born healthy as can be on January 27, 2008 at 7:20 AM weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. 18 1/2 inches. I and Daddy will make sure he knows all about his brother who gave his life for your life. He was so good to you! We miss him always,
Mommy, Daddy, and Danny, your bro who will know all about you! xoxoxoxo budddy! Save a spot in Heaven for us!
Love you,
xoxooxoxoxoxoxox always, buddy.


Our Sweet Angel Baby!

Sadly, A Very Unfortunate Miscarriage.  July 17, 2008.

12 Weeks Pregnant.

I enjoyed seeing you on the scan! I loved carrying you! We never got to hold you, never got to dress you in pink nor blue, so sad. You were our 3rd child. Your sisters, Layna, and Lacey love and miss you so, so much! So does your mommy & daddy. Thanks for the time I carried you inside me, even though I never felt you move, I'll still treasure the time always and forever. Love you baby xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox always and forever!! Goodbye, sweetie, until we meet again. Save us a spot in Heaven, we know you will!! We love and miss you so much, xoxoxoxoxox.


Jordan White

Miscarraige 1993

14wks Gestation

Hey my little guy,
I'm so sorry I couldn't welcome you to this world. I'm sorry if hiding you led you to go to heaven. Know that you are never far from my thoughts and I find so much comfort in knowing you are cradled in the arms of Jesus. Love you forever.
Mummy xxxx


Taylor Lee Smaltz

Hemorraghed, Severe Car Accident.  August 17th of 2007.

11 Weeks Pregnant.

We love and miss you!
mommy, daddy, Ty & Alexah, your 7 year old bro, and your 2 year old sis. We love and miss you!! xoxoxoox baby!!Since we were never certain what you were, we decided to call you Taylor Lee, that can be a boy or a girl! xoxoxo. One day, we'll find out what you were! Save us a spot right next to you in Heaven! XOXOX, xoxoxoxo baby! You are never forgotten.


Jake Daniel Demmith.

Must Have Been STILL-BORN. March 23, 1996.

Pregnant Yet.

We Love And Miss You!
xoxoxoxox baby boy!
-Mommy & Daddy.


Navy Alexzander King.

STILL-BORN for NO reason! May 26, 2005.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

We love and miss you!
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxo baby boy!



EMERGENCY C-Section. Servere Problems. September 15, 1999.

15 Weeks Pregnant.

We love and miss you babies! We never got to dress you in pink nor blue! Oh, how wwe wish we could have met you! Oh, we wish we knew what you were! Boys? Girls? One Of Each? It's Too Much!! Save Us A Spot In Heaven, Where We Will Know What You Were!
We Love and Miss You Angels!
Mommy, Daddy xoxoxo Twins!


Alexiah & Damien Kolhe.

Miscarriage, Sadly.  August 21, 2007.

Unborn Twins.

We Love and Miss You! Thinking Of You Always!
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo.


Amy Jo Kyler.

SIDS, NO Reason!! Our Sweet Lil' Girl!! April 26, 2001.

1 Month, 2 Days Old.

We Love and Miss You, Always! You Were Perfect! Just, One Morning, I Found You cold, And Unresponsive! I Called 911, but they said you were gone! We Love And Miss You!
Until We Meet Again, Save Us A Spot In Heaven Sweetie!
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxo Always and Forever!!


Brooklyn Artressia-Huntington

Choked on own spit-up 04-01-2006

2 months

I will remember you always Brooklyn Joy you was such a beautiful baby


Steven Alexzander Daniels.

STILL-BORN. No Heart Beat Was Found. May 30, 1986.

33 Weeks Pregnant.

Rest In Peace Baby Boy!!
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo.


Stacee Alexah Marie Jones.

Choked On Her Own Blood. Problems. March 29, 2009.

1 Month, 6 Days Old.

We love and miss you sweet Stacee!! You were beautiful! Born February 23, 2009 at 5:30 AM with problems with your blood, heart, and all. You were such a beauty! Why did you have to go? Please forgive us, Jesus, w ejust want our lil' Stacee back!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Tyarah, & Addison, you loving 10 year old, and 3 year old sisters xoxoxoxoxoxox baby girl!!


TWINS: David Jack & Alex James

Born 31 Weeks. Preemies. Many Problems. August 28, 2007.

Just 3 Precious Days

We Love you David, & Jack! Precious babies you were! Both weighed 2 lbs. 9 oz. 14 1/4 inches! Too Perfect! Too Cute! We Wish We Had You Back!
~With All Our Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Ty, and Amee, your 8 year old bro, and 4 year old sis xoxoxoxo baby boys! Rest Peacefully Until We Meet Again!


Alleyah Jo Stephen.

Stopped Breathing Suddenly. NO Reason! March 22, 2009.

3 Days Only.

We Love and miss you, Alleyah!We hope you are having fun playing with your cousin, Stacce, (May-1996-June 1996 SIDS) up in Heaven waiting for us! Save Us A Spot In Heaven, Baby Girl!Good-bye's are so hard, sweetie! But, I know we'll meet again!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo.


Trey Alex Lewis.

STILL-BORN For NO Reason!  June 2, 1998.

37 Weeks Pregnant.

We Love And Miss You, Trey! Until We Meet Again, Relax, and Rest!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxo baby boy!


Savannah Haylee Lockey.

Accidentally Hit By A Car-A Tragic Day.  July 27, 1991.

1 Year, 2 Months.

Hey Savannah! My Big sis! What's up? Do you know my name? It Jamie Lynn Savannah Lockey, and I was born December 20, 1994. You are about 4 years older than me! Cool. I'm glad I have an angel watching over me, and mom, and dad.....And do you know who it is? YOU! Right! That's you baby girl! Our precious Guardian Angel! We Love and Miss You!
Remember you forever!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy, Daddy, and your sis, Raelynne xoxoxoxoxoxo baby girl! Rest & Relax! We will someday meet! Love you so, so, so much! xoxoxoxo again!
Keep Us Safe!
P.S.-Mommy is expecting another baby girl on September 26, 2009!! She's 4 months along! Is it you? LOL. We'll see! xoxoxoxoxooxo.


Tyler Alexzander Max Kasen.

STILL-BIRTH For NO Absolute Reason!!  October 17, 1995.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

No Farewell Words Were Spoken, No Time To Say Goodbye, You Were Gone Before We Knew It, And Only God Knows Why.
Love, Remember, and Miss You!
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxo baby boy!


***Baby Boy Smith***

An Angel Born Sleeping. Problems. October 29, 2005.

22 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello Little Man! We Love And Miss You!
If Love Alone Could Have Saved You, You Never Would Have Died.
-With All Our Love,
-Mommy, Daddy, Caylee, and Alexis (9 yr. old sis, and 5 yr. old sis) xoxoxoxoxoxo baby boy!!


**Hunter Lucas Daye**

Born Sleeping. Placental Abruption Sadly June 27, 2006.

34 Weeks Pregnant.

Hi, sweet little Hunter! Oh, you were beautiful! 3 1/2 lbs. 7.4 oz. 14 1/4 inches! Perfect! No Farewell Words Were Spoken, No Time To Say Goodbye, You Were Gone Before We Knew It, And Only God Knows Why.
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Baby Boy Hunter! Love You! Miss You! xoxoxo.



Miscarriage. Multiple Problems.  May 19, 2007.

6 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey Baby! We Love And Miss You!
If Love Alone Could Have Saved You, You Never Would Have Died.
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxo baby! Until We Meet Again, Rest & Relax! Someday We'll Know What You Were! Boy? Girl? We'll have To See!!
Love You! Miss You! xoxoxoxo!!


Kody Rikki Jourdan Mikal Watts

Fell Asleep never to wake again 14-02-2000

14 weeks

I miss you every day


Parker Allen Jhonson.

STILL-BORN, Placental Abruption.  August 23, 2008.

7 Months Pregnant.

What a cutie you were! We will always remeber you!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy& Daddy xoxoxoxo Parker!


**Our Little Man, Adam**

STILL-BORN. No Reason Found. July 15, 2001.

8 Months Pregnant.

We Love and Miss You, Adam! You were so special! If Love Alone Could Have Saved You, You Never Would Have Died.
-With All Our Love,
Mommy, Daddy, your 6 yr. old sis, Alexah, and your 4 yr. old bro, Kayden xoxoxoxo Adam!


Jayden Lee Halt.

Born Asleep Due To Needless Hemorraghe.  April 27, 2008.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

Hi Jayden Baby Girl! We'll NEVER, EVER Forget You! No Farewell Words Were Spoken, No Time To Say Goodbye, You Were Gone Before We Knew It, And Only God Knows Why.
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxo Baby Girl!!


**Alexis Jayne Halloway**

Placental Abruption For NO Reason.  June 22, 2008.

21 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey Sweetie! Oh, We Love And Miss You! If Tears Could Build A Stairway, And Memories A Lane, I'd Climb Right Up To Heaven, And Bring You Back. But, Sweetie, I Cannot Let You Suffer. So, Just Stay By Jesus, We'll See You When We Get There! And, Alexis, Thank-You For The Time I Carried You Inside Me, I Will Treasure That Time Always!!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxo Sweetie.



Born Too Soon. Preemie. Tried To Stay. August 19, 1991.

19 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello, My Baby Boy. I Love And Miss You So Much! I Hope Me & Daddy Didn't Drive You Away! We Feel So Bad....Like It's Our Fault! If Tears Could Build A Stairway, And Memories A Lane, I Climb Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Back. But, baby, I shall not. Just Rest Until We Meet Again!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo.


*Baby Veronica*.

Miscarriage. June 7, 2008.

10 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello, Sweet Veronica! I Hope You Are Happy! We Love And Miss You So, So Much! We Hope You Will Return One Day!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo.


*Chase & Mikey Daniels*

Miscarried Twins. June 2, 2001.

12 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey Boys! We Love And Miss You So,So Much!! Hey, We Hope You Realize You Could Not Be More Special To Me & Daddy!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxo Boys!



Born Early. Sick. But Was A Brave Baby! August 11, 2008.

2 Months.

Hello Cooper. I read your memorial on Virtual I Thought it was beautiful! You Were So Handsome! What A Doll You Were!
-With Much Love,
Sueanne xoxoxoxoxo Baby!


*Peyton Damien Koloy*

STILL-BORN. Placental Abruption.  August 17, 2002.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

Hi, baby boy! We love and miss you so much!
No Farewell Words Were Spoken, No Time To Say Goodbye, You Were Gone Before We Knew It, And Only God Knows Why.
Rest In Peace Sweetheart!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Alexis & Annabelle xoxoxoxoxoxo.


Victoria "Tori" Marie Kirk.

STILL-BORN. January 29, 2009.

30 Weeks Pregnant.

Victoria Marie Kirk....what a pretty name! Read your memorial on Virtual! How Beautiful!
Be Safe, Rest & Relax!
-With Love,
Sueanne xoxoxoxo.


Saydee Lynn

Born sleeping, mommy has blood disorder 1-12-01

38 weeks old

Saydee you are our precious daughter and we love you SO much. You're always and forever will be our little girl. Love always, Mom & Dad


David Drake

Born sleeping, mommy has blood disorder 8-5-05

33 weeks

David, you are our precious baby boy. We love you so much always and forever. Love Always, Mommy & Daddy


Carolyn Dawn Miller.

SIDS. May 25, 1975.

2 1/2 Months Old.

I read your memorial on virtual memorials. It's beautiful. I just wanted to set you a candle on here for your memory. Sope you like it!
-With Love & Hugs,
Sueanne. xoxo Carolyn!


Dayna Elizabeth King.

SIDS. June 7, 1996.

1 Month Old Only.

Love and miss you sweetie! Hope you are Ok!
With all our love,
mommy & daddy xoxoxo.


Emma Teaghen Presley.

Born Sleeping, Two True Knots In Cord. April 16, 2008.

23 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey Emma!
You were beautiful! Seen your memorial on Virtual Memorials.
Rest In Peace, Baby!
-With Love and Hugs,
Sueanne xoxoxo.


Our Angel, Kaylee Lee Stephen.

Mommy Has Blood Disease, Anemia.  July 20, 1998.

26 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey baby. I love and miss you so so much! You were beautiful! 1 lbs. 7 oz. 12 1/4 inches! Perfect For Me & Daddy, But Too Perfect For The Earth. I bet you know by now that you became a big sister on November 21, 2001. She was named Samanthah. She weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz. 15 inches. She looks exactly like you! I Love you with all my heart! Daddy does too!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Stacey Alexis, and Haylee Elizabeth on the way (Due-June 21, 2009) xoxoxoxoxoxox baby!! Forever!!


Simba Michael Hayes.

STILL-BORN (BORN SLEEPING).  October 29, 2000.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey Simba. Our perfect little man! You weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz. 22 1/4 inches! Why could you not stay? A perfect little boy, too perfect for this Earth. Stay With Jesus, Sweetie!
-Love You!
Mommy, Daddy, Ericah, Anna, And Miley. (Your Loving Siblings.) xoxoxo baby boy!!


Kaley Elizabeth Hinkle.

Preemie. Born At 26 Weeks. June 3, 2008.

3 Months Old Only.

Hi Kaley! You are so precious! Seen and Read Your Memorial On Virtual Memorials Lots Of Times, Probably Because It's So Beautiful!!
Rest Peacefully, Baby!!
Sueanne xoxoxo Always & Forever.



Hemorraghe, Miscarriage. April 21, 2009.

12 Weeks Pregnant.

Dear baby, you were so special! We wishe we knew what you were! A boy? A girl? Nope, don't know....because you left. I'm sorry!
With All Our Love,
Mommy and daddy xoxoxo baby in Heaven!


Wyatt Oliver Welch.

Born With A Heart Defect.  May 2, 2008.

1 Month Only.

Hello, Wyatt! I Hope You Are Happy With God. I Miss You! I Read Your Memorial On Virtual Memorials.
-With Love,
Sueanne xoxoxo.


Ceanna Marie Gwinn.


Only 2 Months Old.

You Were Such A Beauty!
Read Your Memorial On Virtual Memorials! You Are Such A Fighter, Ceanna Marie, And What A Doll Too!
-With Love,
Sueanne xoxoxoxoxo.


Alexis Kaylee Dayne.

No Heart Beat Found. STILL-BORN. May 22, 1994.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello, Alexis! What abueaty you were! I'm so sorry if I make you feel like I wanted you gone....I'd NEVER want that!
With All The Love In The World,
-Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxox.


Dreyton Tangiwaka Lockyer Trim

Born sleeping (placental abrubtion) 09.04.09

40 weeks 4 days gest

My beautiful baby. Mummy and Daddy miss you so much. We hurt every day. We wanted you so badly and would have done anything to have kept you. Look over us and always know that we love you and you will always be our first born and no other baby will ever be able to replace you. xxx Mummy and Daddy.
I wish I could have spent a late hour rocking you in my arms. Just once. I wish I could have gently lain you in your crib, I wish I could have changed a nappy, chosen an outfit for the day, given you a bath, soothed your skin with lotion. Just once. I wish I could have heard you cry out in loneliness for me, spent time alone with you, just the three of us, strolled you proudly through the shopping mall. Just once. I wish I could have heard the words "What a beautiful baby boy". Just once. -Barbara A Daniels


Deyton Adam Fraye.

STILL-BORN (Placental Abruption). April 22, 2008.

29 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey little guy!
We hurt everyday, we think of you everyday in every way! We're so sorry! We always feel it's our fault! I love you my baby boy!
-With All The Love In The World,
-Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxox.


Jacob William Haines

miscarriage 12/2/2009

16.5 weeks

Your Mummy and Daddy miss you so much and love you so much Jacob.* ~ ♥ * ~ ♥ * ~ ♥ * ~ ♥ * ~ ♥ * ~ ♥ *You will always be in our hearts, and mummy has a tattoo of your name so we never forget you.... hope to met again. lots of love Mummy and Daddy xx


Candace Marie Holmes.

Born Sleeping. Placental Abruption. October 22, 1992.

40 Weeks Pregnant.

Helllo, my little shooting star! We miss you so much, sweetheart! Our Forever Sweetheart! We'll never forget you! NEVER! Our sweetheart in Heaven....please remember & know, we love you so! Missing and Loving You Always!
-With All The Love In The World,
Mommy, Daddy, and your new sister, Haylee (Born-March 2007) xoxoxoxoxo baby!


Jherney Elizabeth Michalski.

Born 4 Months Early. Fought So Hard!! October 1, 2008.

1 Week Old.

Hello Jherney! It's mommy and daddy again! We just wanted you to're going to be a big sister! Yep, that's right! Mommy & Daddy are having another baby on December 25, 2009!! Look out for us, and please remember and know....we love and miss you so! Mommy and daddy we'll never forget you! NEVER! And, we'll make sure, when this baby comes, that he/she will know all about his big sister in Heaven! We'll find out the sex on July 7th of 2009. We'll let you know! If you are there, trust me, mommy and daddy can feel you there! We love and miss you soooo much!
-With All The Love In The Universe,
Mommy, Daddy, And 'Baby On The Way' xoxoxoxo Jherney Elizabeth!


Tiffany E. Rouse.

Not Sure.  June 3, 1983.

1 Month Old Only.

Taken From Us Too Soon....xoxo.


Alexia Maxinne Jonesen.

SIDS. June 2, 1991.

2 Months Old Only.

Hello, sweetie! Safe In The Arms Of Jesus....
Love and Miss you!
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.


Clay Thomas Ryan Zellon.

STILL-BORN. April 7, 1991.

37 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello, our little guy! We just found this site, so we're adding your candle! We love and miss you soooo much!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Sophiah,Jayden, Raelynne, and 'baby girl on the way' xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Baby!


My precious angel baby

Medical termination 01-02-07

13 weeks

To my darling angel. Although its been 2 years I still miss you every day. It feels like something is missing from my life and that I am incomplete. I was so excited to see you and your heartbeat at the 11 week scan. And then so devastated to know you were so sick you would not survive to full-term. Heartbreaking. I love you my precial angel baby and will remember you always.



misscarriage 05.04.09

12 weeks gestation

Sweetheart, i love you so very much, my heart breaks everytime i wake up and realise that you are gone, why you? sweet dreams honey and tell your nana to take care of my special girl.

x0x0 love always mummy


Aaron Joel Manuel Mayden

STILL-BORN. Car Accident September 1st.  September 2, 1999.

34 Weeks Pregnant.

Hey, little sweetie! We love and miss you so much! Rest Peacefully Baby Boy!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxo.


Baby Engels

Miscarriage 4th sept 2008

5 weeks

I didn't know you for long but love you very. You would have been due around now.
Love you heaps my baby


Angel Baby Hopkins

Miscarriage - Unknown Reason 28.03.2009

7 weeks 6 days

Wanted, planned, loved and lost - all in such a short space of time, although the pain will last forever. Lost dreams, but in our dreams forever, love Mama, Papa, big brother Kaleb, and all your family.


Remy Barnes

Miscarriage 2nd May 2009

11 weeks

I didn't think there was anything wrong and we got to see you only once. You looked so perfect, but too small. You had already gone. Mummy and Daddy are really sad, but your big brother is giving us lots of hugs. We will love and miss you always. Mummy, Daddy and Alex xxxx


"Gracie" Iremonger

Miscarriage 20 July 2008

8 weeks 4 days

You are always with me never to be forgotten. You are my second precious child.



Fetal Abnormalities. STILL-BIRTH. 2007.

6 Months Pregnant.

Missing and Loving You Everyday!
Mommy and Daddy, and Siblings
xoxoxoxoxox Slade!


Sloan Mayerson.

Fetal Abnormalities. Still-Born. 2007.

6 Months Pregnant.

Loving, Remembering, and Missing You Everyday.
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxo.


Seth Andrew Mayerson.

STILL-BORN. No Heart Beat Was Found. April 10, 2009.

7 Months Pregnant.

Hello, Seth. We Love and Miss You Everyday!
Everyone Who Loves And Misses You, Especially Mommy & Daddy.
PS: Your Brother, Sloan, Is Waiting For You! Go Be With Him. We'll Meet Again Someday.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo Seth!


April Jade Lee Stockley.

STILL-BORN. No Heart Beat Found At Scan. March 27, 1998.

40 Weeks Pregnant.

My beautiful baby, April Jade Lee, I cannot believe it's been 11 years already since you were gone. You had a beautiful baby brother born on May 19, 2006. He has your hair, believe it or not, because you were born with my hair as was he. We love and miss you so very, very much!
We Hope To See You Again Soon!
Mommy, Daddy, and Your Brother, Micheal.


Angel Marie Roanley.

STILL-BORN. Heart Beat Was Not Found. October 29, 2007.

40 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm so sorry precious Angel Marie, I Will Love, Miss, and Remember You Always! That's A Promise. It Is From The Heart!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxox Always and Forever!


JoAnne Lee Michealson.

BORN SLEEPING, STILL-BORN BABY. Sadly.  July 30, 1988.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello, JoAnne! We Love and Miss You So Much!
-Love To You Always,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxox Baby!


Jendron Stewart Lang.

STILL-BORN. Our Poor Lil' Boy! October 29, 1998.

40 Weeks Pregnant.

Our poor little boy gone but never forgotten! We miss you so much! We love you so much! Please be good, and watch over us! Love and Miss You Again!
-Our Love To You Always & Forever,
Mommy, Daddy, Brother Riley, Brother Jack, and New Born Sister, Raelynne! xoxoxoxo buddy!


Heather Rose Juneston.

STILL- BORN (Born Sleeping). November 22, 1996.

39 Weeks Pregnant.

Love to you always our precious baby girl!
-With All Our Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Rick, Jonie, and Azlee! xoxoxoxox baby girl! PS: Love and Miss You Always and Forever!


Annabelle Marie Malynne.

Born @ 7 Months. CDH/HLHS. Birth Defects October 26, 2005.

6 Days Old Only.

Hello, Sweetie! We were ready to accept you into our home when God took you back before you ever got to come home. He took you away at the hospital in the NICU. We love and miss you so very much.
-With All Our Love To You,
Mommy, Daddy, Alexis, Alley, & Jalen.


Ryan Lee Lang.

SIDS. Unknown Why It Chose Him! November 20, 2008.

3 Months Old.

Hi, baby Ryan! We love and miss you very much! We are still in shock. It's been 6 months since you left. You would be 1 on August 29, 2009. We wish you could come back...even if was only for a few minutes! We just want you to know that we love and miss you so much! Be good, sweetie. Until We Meet Again.
-With Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Kyler, Jennifer,Abbigayle, and Lewis!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox baby boy!


Emerald Marie Stayne.

STILL-BORN. No Heart Beat At Scan.  March 29, 1996.

38 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello, sweet Emerald! We love and miss you so, so much!
-With Lots Of Love And Hugs,
Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo.


Edward Alexander Layng.

STILL-BORN. Born 2 Late. No Heart Beat. February 20, 1994.

41 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello, Edward! We love and miss you so much!
Love you forever baby!
-Mommy & Daddy & Siblings.
xoxoxoxoxox baby boy!


Raymee Elizabeth Reynold.

STILL-BIRTH. She Had No Heart Beat. May 28, 2007.

40 Weeks Pregnant.

Hello, Raymee! You were named after your beautiful mommy, Raymee Elizabeth, and she was so looking forward to telling everyone that her baby had her name! We Love and Miss You,
Mommy, Daddy, Christine, Adam, LeeAnna, Auntie Raena, and Uncle Blake, and Cousins!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo baby girl!



miscarriage 2005

10 weeks

To my first child, I never saw your face but I know it is beautiful. I never held you in my arms but I miss your touch. Love always and forever to my darling angel. You are in my heart and mind always.

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