the LOST ones


Samuel Belesky

Miscarriage 04-05-08

5 Months

You will always be loved by you mum dad and big brother. See you again in heaven. xoxoxo



being one of the pecies in our heart... 27march2008

7 hours

renae i have heard about you alot from you sister danielle you sound so perfect it was a shame i never met you i was looking forward to it i was ther with your mummy and sister as im one of her bff... even though i never i will alwys be thinking about how perfect you were...xx


my little nephew

stillborn november 2007

9 months

my little nephew i will always love you you will always be in my heart even though i never met you i will always love you , you have a little brother now who is a week old you would have been a great big brother your mum and dad miss you very much they would greve at night just for you i will say it again and i always will i love you my little nephew and that is true xx mikayla


Hayden Alan Clarke

born sleeping 17-4-08

24 weeks

Our precious wee angel; perfectly made but born to soon. We will always love you Hayden. Love mum and dad x x x


Xavier Jonlee Cook

Miscarriage 18/05/2008

17 weeks 3 days

My beautiful angel, I saw you for the first time and for the last time ever and now you're gone forever but never forgotten. I waited so long for you but lost you so soon. I know that these tears will never bring you back. I don't know why God had to take you so soon but I know that we will meet again some day. Mummy loves you with all her heart. <3


Two Little Appleseeds

miscarriage nov 2007

10 wks

I miss my little appleseeds.


Zoe Nicole Leslie

Born Sleeping 14th December 2006

39 weeks 4 days

We shall always wonder what would have been. How far you would have gone. What would you have seen. Our little girl you will always be. So small, so sweet, so soon.


Baby Edgecombe1

miscarriage 02/1990


sleep tight my angle, until we met again.
Much love mummy, daddy and your 3 big brothers


Baby Edgecombe2

miscarriage 05/1998


sleep my angle, until we met again in heaven above.
Much love mummy,daddy and your 3 little brothers xxxooo


Baby Edgecombe3

miscarriage 08/2003


Not a day goes by when I don't think of you all. May you all sleep in peace, knowing you are all loved and missed on earth.
Love always Mummy, daddy, your 2 big brothers and your little bro. xxxooo


Baby Edgecombe4

miscarriage 09/07


Another shining star to brighten our sky,
Another angle to wipe our tears when we cry.
Another angle to met one day,
Godbless you as we prey.
Until then sweet angles, may you be blessed with magical fairydust and love of god.
We miss you all so dearly and only dream of the day when we are al reunited again as one.
Love always in our hearts and minds
Mummy, daddy, and you 3 brothers Quentin, Lucas and Kaleb xxxooo


angel strongman

was taken from us by a true angel 21/05/08

10 weeks

although we never got to hold you our angel you will always be with us in our hearts and souls....we love you angel, forever!!


Carson Karo

Miscarriage 24 May 2008

8 weeks

What was i suppose to be
what were my eyes suppose to see
why did i taste of death
before i even drew a breath
or lay my head on my mothers chest to sleep
oh jesus what was i suppose to be.

Even though you were so little
we have lost so much.

love you forever

Nelson (daddy) Caragh (mummy) kaylee (sister) and peyton (brother)


Brooklynn Faith Howard

at birth, a cord accident 02-28-2007

32 weeks pregn

I miss you so much that it aches my heart. The love and grief I feel for you will never leave my soul. I love you everyday and always will.



failure to grow 06/09/00

24 WKS

You are Always in heart, And
Always, Always on my mind....
Till we meet again...Tell Grandma & Grandpa We Love them,and to give you lots of hugs and kisses.....


Calvin Rivers Neville Jr.

born sleeping 5-10-2007

22.5 weeks

I love you so much. I miss you kicking me. You will always be my little angel.Love always mommy


Angel baby hall

miscarrage 21-07-06

7 weeks

we waited so long for you and then you were gone. baby Quinn (16-5-07) has now given us what you tried so hard to but we will never forget how hard you tryed. love you always.


Angel Nel

Miscarriage at 8 weeks 1 day 26-05-08

7 weeks

Our little pea, you will be in our hearts forever.



Miscarriage 21-01-08

5 weeks

I still wish so much that you could have lived. I will always wonder who you would have been. It's so hard to say goodbye even though you were only with me for such a short time. I will always remember you.


Leah Kathryn Williams

stillborn 3 may 2008

35.5 weeks

a tiny rose bud that never got the chance to bloom


Samuel James Dyer

a lack of blood for no known reason. 1st June 2008

22 weeks

theres not a day that goes by without you in our thoughts. Rest peacefully little man.


Trysey True Blue

sids 14/10/00

6 months

Love you always my baby
Always thinking of you my lil shining star.
Love mum & your twin & all the family



misscarage 29.05.08

9 weeks unborn

We never met you but you will always be in our hearts..


Our First Angel Baby

Miscarriage 25-02-2008

6 weeks

Our darling much loved and wanted first baby, we will never ever forget you and you will always be a part of us, we wish we could have met you.


Baby Boy

Born Sleeping 4-6-2008

17 weeks, 2 days

I will miss you little guy. Fly freely my little angel brother!!! xoxox


Baby Goldsmith

Miscarriage 06/06/08

6 weeks, 1 day

You were so loved for the short time we knew you. You will never know how much we will love and miss you..
Love Mum, Dad and your big brother and sister


Baby Tic Tac

Heart Stopped Beating 30-03-2008

11 weeks

Mummy and Daddy will hold you in their hearts for ever. You are the brightest star in the sky at night. You are ever tear we cry. We will love you always.


Baby Burke

Miscarriage 24/7/05


Thinking of you always. Cant wait until our paths cross! Keep on waiting up there for me!!



miscarriage 30/10/07

8weeks 3days

another angel to our list but you were one that held on the longest..i love you and still think of u especially as i would soon be holding u in my arms this month..if only


baby crawford/martin

miscarriage 18/10/07

6 weeks

i miss u i wish i could of held u in my arms,it would have been so soon...mum xxx and dad


William Charles Griffiths-Tapp

Born Sleeping 21/3?08

25 Weeks

I broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone
Part or us went with you
The day god called you home
A million times we have thought of you
A million times we have cried
If loving you could of saved you
you would never of died
Forgive us lord for we will always weep
For a Son we loved but could not keep. Love MUM & DAD


Jay Alexander Smith

stillborn 15/04/08

22 weeks

Our big bright star-we held you in our arms and never wanted to let you go!God now has you in his arms, We have you in our hearts
All our love Mummy,Daddy,Maclaren and Boston


Jessica Gabriella


2 weeks

I miss you!


Mason Oliver Bryan

SIDS 18/5/2008

15 weeks and 3 days

Mason, you were our sunshine. Our tears start to fall when we remember you. We will see someday... Love mommy daddy and big sisters Madelina, Margarita and Maylin.


Mia Nicole Fitzsimmons

Born at 24 weeks, renal failure 17-6-02

35 days

You are always with me my angel, gone way too soon. I love you with all my heart, and I believe that bright star is you watching down on me.


William Charles Griffiths-Tapp

Born sleeping 2008

25 weeks

I didnt get to hold you in my arms and tell you how special
you are to me but not a week
goes by when I dont think of truly are a
little angel........hugs and kisses Robyn (Godmother)


Jay Alexander Smith

stillborn 15-4-08


To our little brother, when we see a rainbow you are at the end of it- but you already have found the gold.
we miss you
all our love mac and boz


Darien Joshua Richards

Stillborn 16-6-2008

28 weeks

My dearest wee man, you were so wanted and loved, we miss you so much it hurts.


Te Koha Searancke

Miscarriage resulting from DownsSyndrome 4 June 2008

15 weeks

To our precious wee boy Te Koha. To see you and to hold you and to say hello and goodbye all at once almost broke our hearts. We will always love you and we will always miss you. From Mummy and Daddy and Sean and Jessica and Aria xx


Presley Marie Garcia

Multiple Problems 21 December 2006

1 Month 12 Days

Although we only knew you for a little over a month, your in heaven with your Aunt Margie that loved you so much. RIP baby!


Tristan James Greenaway

Born too late 5-6-08

41 Weeks Gestation, died during labour

You never got to draw your first breath, and I never got to look into your beautiful eyes as I held you at my breast. I think of all the other firsts we shall miss with you and it breaks my heart. You were much loved and wanted, Daddy and I miss you so much.


Baby Babich

Miscarriage 29-09-2008

11 weeks

A much loved angel of my dearest friends. Mummy and daddy's world has shattered today as you fly free. You'll be remembered forever.
From mummy's close friend Sx


Bailey Zania TeNgahue (Snr)

StillBorn 5 October 2006

26 Weeks

Always remembered never forgotten.Watching over Daddy,Mummy and your namesake Bailey(jnr)


Angel Julius Morrell

Miscarriage  30 June 2005

12 Weeks

My first baby... i will never forget you, you have a place in my heart forever and one day i will hold you in my arms. My Baby fly free...


Max Ryan Ruscoe

Passed away in his sleep 14/8/2008

21 months

Our Beautiful little Max, an Angel only lent for a short time
Forever in my heart my little grand baby ~ I love you Nana's little Dude
Nana Faye


Abby Cottle-Hall

Died at birth. 14-07-08

24 weeks

I love you to the moon and back - mummy.


Shayla Jade Graham

Born sleeping 22/08/2002

34 weeks and 4 days

Reached into our hearts
Without even realising
always with love we will think of you
The little girl we never knew


Xavier Sebastian

Infection 15 June 2008

6 weeks

My little fighting soldier, you were my miracle baby boy, you decided to come so early, and experience some true love!
You will always be in my heart, and not a day will go past that I wont think of you! Thank you for giving me the best 6 weeks of my life. I love you my little monkey xxx


Mary Grace Chester

stillbirth 12/17/07

21 weeks

We love you and we will never forget you!


Trent Robert Alexander

stillbirth 9-10-08

26 weeks

Baby me and your father miss you so much. Mommy is really taking it hard right now. I just wish you were here to be with your family but i know god needs you more then we do. R.I.P. Trent until we meet again i will cherish you in my heart always and forever.


Munchkin Rowan

Miscarriage 25-11/2005

6 weeks

My precious little angel, how I wished I could have held you. I will hold you forever in my heart. Love Mummy x x x


Rascal Rowan

Miscarriage 02-04-2008

8 weeks 4 days at 11 weeks

My Precious little angel, I never got to hold you but I hold you forever in my heart. Love Mummy x x x


Hannah Kahurangi Tawhiao

Stillborn 9 June 2006

35 weeks

Hannah we share a birthday and you are the best present ever Mummy

She gave is strength
She has given us hope
She has brought families back together
& connected families to make two one
She has healed old wounds
& given us new memories
She has helped papa to forgive
& mama to believe
What now is there left to fear
Hannah has done so much & given to so many
& all without ever opening her eyes



ectopic pregnacy 26.01.08

9 weeks

My angel above, i know your watching down on mummy and daddy everyday!..we wish everyday that you could be with us but god took an angel to go be with him in his golden arms...we love you angel x0x0 mwah x0x0 from mummy ashley and daddy brian x0x0



ectopic pregnancy 19.12.08

4 weeks

even thou we never got to hold hands or see your smile, you will be forever in our hearts till we reuite up in heaven one and your daddy love you so much foreva in our hearts x0x0 mwah x0x0 love you heapz! from mummy ashley and daddy brian x0x0


Baby Beck

Missed miscarriage 31.03.08

11 weeks

Not a day goes by when you are not thought about. Forever in my heart, Love Mum


Dominic Peter Charles Johnston

In the process of labour, unknown. 27/06/08

0 months

My little boy, wanted for so long, now spending it with angels, may they take care of you. Mummy will love you forever. XXX


brearna marama buchanan

stillborn 6 october 2008

38+ gestation

to my darlene bree
i miss you sooo much
love forever mummy and daddy


Carsen Riley Micheal Keys

stillborn 6-01-2008

35 Weeks

My lovely you were so very much wanted and loved you have forever touched my heart and i'm so proud to be your mum.
I'll miss you everyday with every smile there will be a tear because your not here to share it with me.
Lots of love your mummy xx


Caeden Hugh Alsop

Stillborn 18-10-2009

21wks 1d Gest

Our Darling Caeden,

I guess Heaven must be a beautiful place and it must be more fun to be with your big brothers Camden and Keegan. Mummy and Daddy are so heartbroken without you. We miss you dearly and wished you had stayed in Mummy's tummy long enough to be in our arms not Gods. Sending lots of kisses and hugs up to Heaven for you and your big brothers. Sleep peacefully our beautiful little boy.

Love Mummy and Daddy xxx


Ryan Edwin Vazquez

Lil Ryan became an angel in mummy's tumm 10-20-08

22 wks 2 days

When we found we were pregnant. Your daddy was so happy, for you were his first. Daddy loved you so much and someday he will hold you again. You have a brother name Dylan and a sister name Cassie. We love you so much and i wish i could hold you, but you are in a better place, place with all the ohter Angels. I love you son, with all my heart. Luv Mommy


garreth lee andrews

cause unknown 5/1/2008

full term

missing you more every day little man loving you forever sleep peace fully


My 3 Angel babies

Hormonal fluctuations due to PCOS  9-18-05 7-9-06 & 9-11-08

6w2d, 6w4d, & 10w3d

To my perfect little Angels.. I miss you so much my tears are rolling right now as I write this. I never had the chance to kiss you goodbye but my heart aches for you and you live in my heart forever. I LOVE YOU MY BABIES!! Have fun with Jesus and each other. I miss you.
Your mommy,



Born Sleeping 31/07/05

17 wks

I just want to hold you



M/C  22/02/07

13 wks

I will never forget


Taye Robert Malae Foster

Born Sleeping 11/10/2008

40 week's

Taye baby Mummy & Daddy miss you so much we will never know why things turned out this way maybe god had better plans for you stand with grandad he will look after you.You are in our hearts & thoughts forever.And we will never forget you or stop loving you.We love you Taye


Bailey Austin-Allen Winegardner

unknown 10/29/1999

30 weeks gestation

You are my shining star and the strength that keeps me going every day! I love you my son and I will celebrate your life for as long as I am living!


Baby Chaffer

Miscarriage 31/10/08

10 Weeks 6 days

Your Mummy and Daddy will always love and think about you. Even though Mummy and Daddy never got to hold you, your in our hearts forever. We will never forget our little Angel xxxxxxxxxxx


savannha rose

sids not entirly sure

2 moonths

to the cousin i never knew.


Ellie Elizabeth Gren

Stillbirth 5-11-1999

38 weeks

Our little Princess.
A bright, gleaming star watching over us in the dark night.
Forever in our hearts and minds, with love forever.


caylee anthony

murdered posibly or most likely  begining of 2008

around 3or4

many people hope you will be found alive.


Ellie Green

Born Sleeping 5/11/99

38 weeks

You're a shining star in the midnight sky. Happy 9th birthday.
Love you forever,
Charly & Kian


caylee marie anthony

murdered 6/16/08

3 years

every one misses you expecilly your grandparents cindy & george.


Baby Morales

Miscarriage 22-10-2005

12 weeks

I'm sorry!



Miscarriage 28/10/2008


I loved having in u me and i was looking forward to holding u so much. You left me so early. I will miss u and love u forever Kay-Sera.
Mummy xxx


Sweet Apricot

miscarriage 2 March 2008

9 weeks

I wish we'd had a lifetime together. I miss you.


Sam Cornwall

Miscarriage 26-09-2008

10 weeks

Our little star Sam, we love and miss you so much. You were a bright shining light sent to us to fill our hearts, but sadly not our arms. We know you are safe in heaven with your big sister Mia. Look after eachother and know we will love you both forever and will see you and hold you again one day. Love Mummy and Daddy xoxox


Baby Ryan

Stillborn 15-10-2008

23 weeks

My darling little man how I long to hold you agian. You will always remain in my heart and memories. Till we meet again. Love Forever Mumxxx


Baby Beanie

No Heart beat found 08 February 2008

27 weeks

I love you so much my wee angel. I miss you so much. I know that you are looking out for you little growing baby brother, daddy and me.
You are guardian angel.


baby cones

miscarriage 11-06-08


We didnt know you long but we love you. We love you even more with every breath we take. Me and your daddy miss and love you and will never forget you. We love you baby cones.


Grant Andrew Bake

stillborn 10-22-2008

36 1/2 weeks gestation

O precious, tiny, sweet little one, you will always be to me- so perfect, pure, and innocent just as you were meant to be. We love you and miss you and will forever hold you in our hearts until we meet again.
Deeply missed by mom, dad and sister Addison


grant andrew bake

cord wrapped 10 21 08

36 weeks

We love you angel. Watch over your sissy, Mom and Dad


Harley Joe Hague-Winfindale

Miscarriage 19/01/07

17weeks 4days

I miss you kicking, I miss you growing. We went through a lot together, I will always remember, for the memories I have of you, I will treasure forever!! Sorry!! Love & Miss you forever Mummy & Daddy xoxoxoxox


Ryann Louise Griffin

Stillbirth 9/21/08

36 weeks 4days

Ryann you will always be our little girl. Your memory will be carried on forever. We loved your from the first time we knew you were growing. You are the most perfect little baby we could have ever asked for. We will hold you again one day when we meet up in heaven. Just know we love you. Mommy & Daddy


Joshua Yakir Adams-Middleton

Had no liver, bladder, or fluid in sac. 07/15/05

4month 2weeks 2 days

It's only been a few months since i lost you. I still cry missing you. I know that you are in a much better place but its so hard. We will be together again i promise. But knows this that mommy loves you always and forever. No one will never replace you. I love you so much.


Joshua Yakir Adams-Middleton

Stillborn 07/15/08


It only a few months since i lost you. I still hard and can't believe that you are gone. I think about you all the time. I just want to tell you how much i love you and will always love you now and forever and you will never be forgetten.And no one will or ever take take from me or you. Your my little precious baby that had my heart from the day i found out about you. I love you.



Miscarriage 17/11/08

10 weeks

Thankyou for the joy and love I felt while you were with me my much wanted baby xx.


Ricoh Stronach-Mcnabb

Born Sleeping 14/08/2008

24 Weeks

My Gorgeous Ricoh, You would have entered this world in less than 2 weeks.. I miss you more each and every day and love you to eternity - You will always be my baby - Love Mummy xox


Mackenzie Awatea Hancy

premature baby 11/11/2008

34 days

Love you and miss you very much.
We will never forget you darling bubba kenzie


Mackenzie Awatea Hancy

Premature baby born at 26 weeks 11/11/08

34 days

Mummy and daddy love and miss you soooooooooo much Kenzie, cant wait to see you again little bubba.


ChloeRose Alderton

Born sleeping 18/05/2004

Full term

Mummy loves you more than you know, there is not a day that goes by that Mummy doesnt think about you. Your cute, cherubic, angelic face is what I will always treasure, remember and hold in my heart forever.


Baby Lawson

miscarriage 10/11/2008

2 months

I will miss you!



Bacterial Meningitis 11/16/06

3 Years

He was a beautiful baby! forever loved
forever missed



viral meningitis 3/10/08

4 Years

I love you my little Edward!If love could have saved you.. You would have lasted forever Love,
Mommy,Daddy,Jay,Shannon and Jacob


Holly Sharon Clark

Born gracefully sleeping 24/11/2008

27 weeks

What I wouldn't do to bring you home little Holly....


Taye Robert Malae Foster

Born Sleeping 11/10/2008

40 week's

Taye baby it's mummy again.It's nearly 2 month's since you left us & still i don't understand why.People say it will get easier as time goes by but for me its getting harder.Not a day goes by without you in our thought's my heart ache's We love you as big as the whole wide world alway's and forever xoxox


Dakota Edward Hunt

Lungs werent developed :( 08/07/06


Hello My Baby
Me & Daddy miss you SO MUCH my lil man.I cant believe its been 2years and i still look @ your photos old closeto my heart.Yr lil sister Harmony will be 1 soon.Whe she understands ill tell her about her big brother.I love you Baby oxoxox


Jamie Lee Walters

born at 24wks, too many battles  14-8-2008

54 days

What a beautiful blessing, and how privileged we are you chose us. A hole remains here as we try to go on without you. We hope you know how much your loved precious boy. Missing your beautiful eyes Mummy Daddy Jordan, Tyler and Connor xxx


Hinekura Summer Kahurereoa Murphy

Stillborn 27 July 2008

39w amd 4days

My beautiful princess the most beautiful baby i have ever seen you took my heart and soul when you left me.

No that my hearts beats with pain and love that will grown more andd more everyday

Love you always
Miss you forever


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