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His Special Mission

His Special Mission

There was once a young child still in his mother's womb. He had a special mission to touch the lives of his parents but his mission was cut incredibly short. When his mother was 5 months pregnant and after she had felt her son move in her womb God decided that he had a more important mission in Heaven that could not wait. So after such a brief period with that family he was taken back to heaven and did not have to live in our crazy world.

When he went back to Heaven, God met him at the gate with a legion of Heavenly Hosts. This child was to become part of this legion. He played a very important role. His role was to usher children killed by abuse and neglect, miscarriages, abortion, and when they were taken way too early.

As time went on, on the earth below, his mother would sit by his empty crib and say “It doesn't matter that you are not here because i still love you and wonder what you are doing”. “I know i will see you again. When i do you’ll know how much i love you”.

By the time a year had gone by, His parents were still upset about losing their only son. They would pray to God “Why Lord, Why did you take our only son”?

One night in his mother's dreams, Her child came to her and only said 2 things. The first thing he said was God didn't take me away I am still here, you have been given a special gift. The mother didn't understand what he meant so he told her. You have been given the gift of loving a child.

The last thing he said was “you asked God why He took your only son.” But Mommy Jesus is God's only son and he Sacrificed HIS ONLY SON. So mommy God understands, i'll see you when you come home until then remember I am always with you.

By Rose Hosey

By Rose Hosey


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