the LOST ones


my baby angel emmalynn dean or lucas wayne

I found out you were gone june 25th 2015. I had already picked your name and was so very excited to meet you. At first mommy was scared, scared she wouldnt be a good mommy to you...scared I couldnt love you enough or not be able to give you everything mommy didnt have and protect you. In my heart I knew the day I found out you were growing in mommys tummy id lose you. Some how I just knew...but I didn't know when and mommy was definitely ready to lose you. You died in mommys tummy at eight weeks and day...mommy carried you for a month not knowing youre little heart had stopped beating. Mommy wanted you more than you will ever know. Mommy cries constantly for you... one night I dreampt I got to hold you, but then a doctor came in and told me my baby was dream was ruined just as it was in reality. Mommy wishes so much that she could of protected you angel. Im sorry I couldnt... im sorry I didnt tell you enough I loved you. I do pray that when I go to heaven youre there waiting for mommy and I finally get to hold you. I wish you were still here. Rest in peace my angel. Mommy loves you

By carley willoughby


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