the LOST ones


Isaiah's name

This was my first ever pregnancy. Me and my boyfriend tried for i believe nine months for a baby. In May i took a test and i finally got the results i wished for, i was pregnant. I dreamed of all the things id do with my baby, like all the other mothers get to do. In July when i finally was able to go to the doctors and they did my blood work, things didnt go good they found out my thyroids were bad and that i may have a miscarriage. I prayed everyday that my baby would stay strong enough tell i got the medicine i needed. But when i went to the hospital to get looked at they said the words i didnt want to hear. They said it wasnt my fault, that i didnt know. But he said he was surprised i could even get pregnant where my levels were so high.

My heart feels broken all the time expecially when im all alone. But thats when i talk to God and i pray to him. One day when i was driving in my car the name Isaiah Lucas popped into my head. Then when i was feeling down over my baby a couple days later. I had the notion to look in my dads devotional book. So, i turn to the month of June in the book and th everse written in it Read "For i am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; i will help you." Isaiah 41:13.

that one sentence warmed my heart and i read for the day of July 10 which was the day i found out i miscarried and it also had something written in it that helped me out a lot that made me feel like my baby was near. I believe that the day in my car, God told me my childs name and confirmed it with the book when i was hurting. Cause i always thought i never got to see one ultrasound picture or not one heartbeat. Never got to find out if its a boy or girl. So i do believe God gave me what i feel must have been my sons name to help heart and my soul to get better. i still hurt over my baby but being able to give him a name makes me feel better that one day soon ill get to see him and be able to call for his name, Isaiah.

By Kate

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