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Aubrey Gibson

My hisband aandI married march of 2013 and we tried for over a year to have a baby and sadly nothing. July of 2014 I started feeling like I over ate and stuffed all the time even drinking water I felt that way. A few weeks went by and same thing so I took a pregnancy test for the hell of it and bingo positive. I told my husband and he was super excited. August 6,2014 it was confirmed I was 8 weeks pregnant and 4 days. I couldn't eat anything. Only thing I could hold down were crackers and water. I knew in my heart I was having a little girl. Everyone kept saying no its a boy. October 27 I had lost 29 pounds and I was having a little girl. My husband said she had him like a puppet and she wasn't even here yet. We named her Aubrey. November 6 I was having lots of pressure so I went to see my doctor and Aubreys heart beat was really low so I was admitted in labor and delivery to be watched over. They did an MRI to see why I was having pressure and they found nothing and her hear beat grew faster and I was sent home the next day. November 25 on my husband's birthday we went in for an ultrasound and they found a mass on her heart and part of her brain was a little enlarged. Doc told me everything was fine and more then likely it was a calcium deposit or a small tumor on her hear and would put grow it as she grew. I hardly felt her move ever, she'd kick every once in a while. On thanks giving she was all over the place. My husband was napping and I crawled up behind him and he felt her kicking him. The next Wednesday December 3 my dad's birthday I had a level 2 ultrasound to check on her heart (9:30 am) and I was told that she didn't have a heart beat. I lost it. My baby girl was gone. I was 25 weeks only 15 more weeks to go. I called my mom and my husband. I could hardly talk and the sound of my husband's voice over the phone killed me. I told the doc I wanted to deliver immediately. My obgyn was in a scheduled c section and I was told there wasn't any room in labor and delivery so they sent me home. By 4 pm my doc said to be at the hospital at 5 am on the 4th. I couldn't sleep, I layer in bed that night and held my belly and cried. 3 am I was up and ready to get it over with so I could hold and love my baby girl and say good by. 4:45 we were headed out of the door and the hospital called and cancelled bc there was a woman in labor. I was told they would call back when they had a room available. 9 am I was told to be there at 10 am. 10 min before they called again and cancelled. I was so up set and hubby was ferious. We called my doc and she told me to come into her office and she would start the process of induction and go home and come back in two hours for the second round to the induction. We called labor and delivery to see if by chance if there was an room and I was told no. So back to the ddoc try office I went. By 2 pm my contractions started, nothing hard very light. By 7 that night hubby was pissed and called the hospital back and I was told to be there by 8:30. E got in and started hooking me up and filling out the paperwork. By 11:30 pm contractions were strong and couldn't take it anymore so I asked for an epidural. My water broke during the inserting of the needle. 12:23 am on December 5,2014 Aubrey Elaine Lynn Gibson was born. 1.63 lbs 13 1/2 inches. Beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. I asked the nurse how long she had been gone and she said 3-4 days. I never knew. My mom, sister, my husband and I got to hold her kiss her and say our good buys. Later that morning I asked for her to be brought to me. She was so cold and I held my baby girl, cried and held her little hand. The hospital dressed her in a little purple dress and hat and took pictures for me. There will be an autopsy done to find the reason she was taken to early.

Aubrey mommy and daddy and your big brother love you so much. It's been almost a week since I've lost my baby girl and not a day goes by that I don't talk to her and kiss her beautiful face in the pictures I have

By sherri gibson


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