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My Baby Boy Isaiah Jonathan Ochoa

Everything ama say rite this moment hurts me because its my babies birthday this friday on June 27. On June 27th of 2011 everything changed for me and my ex it felt like a dream.... I've knw this girl for almost 10 years she was 13 years old wen I ment her I was 15 going to my first year of high school....I moved next to her without me knowing their would be an beautiful Angel who lived next to me.... Wen I met her it was a nice day out very hot out she was out getting wet with her friends and I was out with my family and nephews... I noticed that she kept looking at me rite away I knwe she liked me.... I ask my sister to go up to her and ask for her number because I was obviously shy.... My sis walks up to her and starts talking to her am over here thinking that okay kool ama finally get to know her... My sister comes back to me and gives me her number... Am like NICE then I ask her wats her name, she grows me idk.... Seriously dude Wowww..... That same night I tried calling her but my dad was talking to his sister in Mexico so I knew he was gonna take a while.... So I got changed from my room and went to a laundry mat down my block and called her wen she answered I was so scared... I remember asking her um my sister went up to you today asking for your number but forgot to ask for your name.... She's like ohh okay my name is Chyna wats your name???? My name is Jon I told her... After that we kept intouch no matter wat... We had are ups and downs she on living her life so did I till we finally came across again and decide to give it another try. Everything in the beginning was amazing I felt so perfect in every way... We got along so beautiful it was like a love story.... We connected in a way that idk how explain it almost like The Notebook movie.... Yea I know call me corny I dnt care I was in love am pretty sure that's how we all feel in the beginning.... Well we were together for almost 4 years those four years am not gonna lie but every day we would always try to see eachother everyday that's how strong are love was.... After a while of beeing together we find out she got pregnant... We were so scared we didn't know Wat do I already knew that my family would be okay with it because they love Chyna from the very beginning.... So my family was happy.... We were scared on to tell her family cas she is the youngest and her family are very successful in life without any kids yet so obviously they were gonna have a big fit with the youngest baby girl already having a baby and plus they really didn't like me so yeah..... Any way we decide to tell her mom together I've never been so scared my intire life she got so angry till the point were I though she was gonna jus grab me and just twist my neck shut.... I was seriously scared it wasn't even funny.... So we got passed that her family asking me how are u guys gonna support the baby and I told them that I would get a second job jus so that I could be with my two babies Isaiah and Chyna. So we started looking for places to live in we couldn't find any with our money issues.... So chynas family though it would be a good idea for us to live with my mother in law so rite away I was like noooooo!!!!! But I knew it would be for the best especially for Chyna beeing close to her mommy plus I knew with all of us living together Chynas mother would not be as mad when Isaiah comes.... So we find this amazing place were it felt so rite we would actually have our own space we would be living in the basement and chynas mom on the first floor.... It was so beautiful tho.... After we found our place me and my Babie Chyna go out and start to look for a crib we end up at babies r us and found the most beautiful one ones we saw both saw it we knew that's the one.... We did a payment plan I think it was like about 500 or something in that price range but we didn't care it was all girlie Babie Isaiah.... Yeyyy we were happy and scared at the same time.... We also went to a 3D ultrasound we saw Isaiahs face for the first time not lying but he smiled at us almost like knew we were all watching him so he though ama give them a show heheheeee I couldn't believe he was smiling nonstop that day, my Babie.... Isaiah we bought a heart monitor so we could hear him and how he's doing Awwww.... After we kept going to my chynas check ups at the doctor they were always telling us oh everythings seems to be ok only this much time for your Babie to be born are u guys excited .... Oh very much we would tell them.... My Babie Chyna would start having pains and contractions but Nothng major the doctors told us that she would have to be at a surtin number scale were we would have to go to the emergency to see if everythings was ok....I will never forget this night am sorry am starting to shake and crying a little so ama try my best on telling u all who read this to be patient... Thanks..... One night when Mexico were playing against USA for the world cup will never forget it because Mexico really slaughtered USA big time Espacially when Giovanni dos Santos made that last goal.... I think it was 5 to 2.... But anyways it me my Babie Chyna my dad my sis and my brother in law and my nephews we were al watching the game on the living room....never been so excited for a soccer game but that night idk, idk how to describe it...we were all cheering on Mexico to win all happy and excited ought are the y gonna make another goal that's when Giovanni dos Santos fakes the living crap outta half of the USA team even the goalie and shoots the ball over all of them and makes it as soon he made that shot me my Chyna my dad my sis my nephews all got up and screamed out YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! MEXICO WONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH. EPIC moment for me and my Chyna click for some reason nice.... Later on dat night we go upstairs to my room and use the heart monitor to see if Isaiah is awake I give Chyna the headphones and I get ones too turn on the monitor and start moving it around can't hear anything so I go on her side belly maybe he's in a different position dnt hear anything so we start getting worried.... I take out my phone and put on Cody Simpson song I dedicated for him maybe hell move a little more so we could hear him that way but nothning....we go downstairs and ask my dad and my sister hey we can't hear isaiahs heart beat Wat should we doo they tell us go to the hospital jus to make sure he's ok .... We decide to go wen we their they check her rite away they put us in this little room am sitting down next to her she's laying down on the bed.... Am telling her everythings ok baby I promise ok.... He smiles at me I tell her I love her she tells me I love u too babe.... The nurse comes in starts getting ready to check my Babie Chyna turns on the machine keeps moving it and nothing she can't find the heart beat, so she tells us I'll be rite back ok give me one second me and Chyna look at eachother like saying ok Wat the hell????? The nurse comes in with another nurse I guess some whose been their longer idk I get up stand in front of my Babie start getting worried like Wtf ok she keeps moving it around and around cnt find it eaither she stops at that moment my heart starts beating fast and faster, nurse crabs chynas hand and tells her you knw that we have an excellent support group is their anyone we can call.... As soon as she told her that I felt like my heart jus collapsed to the ground just started to cry nonstop walk next to my Babie she's crying, I tell her am so sorry Babie am sorry we cnt stop crying were holding eachother so tight I couldn't believe dis was happening felt like a dream.... I go outside on the hallway and call my sister, she answers says hey bro Wat happend is everything ok???? Am like Vero u guys gotta come over her now man she's like wats wrong??? I tell her we lost the baby isiaiahs gone.... She's like WAT!!!!?????? I start to cry even more tell her to plz jus come here yeah Plzzzz????!!!! I hang up look up close my eyes and tell myself let this be a dream plz God let this be a dream wake up wake Jon WAKE UP JONNN!!!!! But nothing I go in back in with my beautiful Chyna am stroking her hair she's crying so much makes me cry even more haven't cried that hard since I saw my mother die in front of me.... After this they take my Chyna into a Nursery room bigger room and start talking to us ok here's Wat were gonna doo u can either get c section or we can give u the epidural shot too get the baby out or we could speed Ur speed up Ur contractions to have the baby the natural way.... To be honest I didn't want her to get the epidural shot cas I know how dangerous it is.... So we decide too doo it the old natural way. But after a while chynas family comes and her older sister tells Chyna this is ridiculous u shouldn't be differing this much jus get the shot Chyna it faster and less painful.... So she gets the shot.... They give it to her and tell Chyna ok honey your gonna have to start pushing for me ok dis is one the reason why I hate dis hospital as my baby is pushing I guess the dumb nurse didn't know how to grab my Babie out she grabs him by the head remind I think everybody knows how fragile the newborns body are as she's pulling him out she brakes my babies skull omg r u fucking serious man Wtf is gng on I couldn't believe Wat was happening really..... My God.... As my beautiful Angel Babie boy is out omg man I started to cry he was so gorgeous my baby boy.... I tell Chyna look baby are Babie boy they bring him over to us my baby Chyna holds him crying am holding her my sister decides to take a pic of all of us.... He came out with my long legs feet arms and hands and his face look jus like my baby Chyna BEAUTIFUL... He had her nose thank God cas I hate my nose its too big and Chyna nose looks like a water slide nice and small her ears too.... Mine are big ass hell too.... I loved that he came out wit my eyes cas he had my eyelashes I've been always told that I have girl eyes big and long eyelashes.... My beautiful Angel baby boy man I remember holding him telling myself Isaiah plz open Ur eyes plz move Ur arm or something plz wake up Plzzzz do it for mommy and me plz baby.... It's his birtday on Friday as much I wnna tell u guys who are reading dis that am still with Chyna I be lying.... I wish I could be with her again so bad ill do anything to be with her again.... I miss her so much it hurts me jus saying dis my baby would be 3 on Fri idk if me and Chyna are gonna see eachother.... To be honest idk how I feel anymore am so lost depressed sad lonely ughhh jus so sad mannn wen we had his funeral it was so sad and depressing that day at the funeral my brother told me that dis white dove bird was trying to go inside I told my dad that.... And he said its your mom taking him to heaven its almost so hard to believe that God would tens him away from us the way he did idk my whole family is telling me their a reason for everything idk....that day we went to go see transformers dark side of the moon movies will never be the same for me again especially transformers huge fan then dis Friday transformers extinction comes out ama dedicate dis friday to him and only him ama go see it alone n hope I hear frm Chyna....??? Well that's my story.... Jus wanna say HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY ISAIAH DADDYS GONNA SEE YOU PRETTY SOON OKAY MY PRECIOUS LITTLE ANGEL,HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT AM GONNA DO FOR YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!! 6-27-11 MA LOVE.... LOVE U, MISS U , WILL SEE U AGAIN MUAHH ISAIAH....143

By Jon Ochoa


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