the LOST ones


Hernan Cortez

Met at our work place, we both have a family of our own,each one of us have 4 kids, broken marriage still hanging on, hoping for the best, our meeting was so different so unique to me, we met outside our work places, went for a walk sat at a, park,talked,laugh,n it was just so fun to finally again feel happy we went back to his place eventually upstairs we went, made out n n ultimately had sex, as crazy as it sounds i now already love this man,he left more then 400 miles away a few weeks later he came back agaon so we see eachother often, n with him by my side im 100%happy, now i find out we having a baby, we talk about it n in laughs,smiles,n tears we say we are having him, named him, n often talk about his future, daddy comes n gpes every feww weeks n now i feel so lonely i cry much i miss him more our baby now was soon to be born, daddy is here again im happy n baby reacts to his touch,daddy kneels down n talks baby through my belly, i love this, when we lay to sleep he rubs my belly n sleep so comfortably,couple weeks gone by n now daddy is telling us good bye, im extremely sad cried most of the night, in my heart something was wrong i knew this would be our last night together for us three, a week later our babyboy was born asleep i love him with all of me n more,im so sad with him half of me is also gone, i have my other 4 kids, they are all special to me so i keep on day by day living for the four at home, daddy still doesnt know our babyboy is gone, i cry every day n night i always have them both in my thoughts this is so hard so sad i by myself try to not really show how much i hurt the ache in my heart the emptiness in me,half of me is alive gotta live for my other kids, half of me is dead because of my two more dear n special man in my life are no longer here, i love u bany, im sorry i couldnt help you, in my arms i held you in my belly i carried you,in my heart is where u will always live till we meet again please just smile for me.

By Blanca n Manuel Cortez

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