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baby alonna

may 16 2011, i found out i was 15 and pregnant. i was so sad and disappointed. as time went by i was getting used to the idea of becoming a mom. at 18 weeks i found out i was having a girl and i was so excited. i tried to hide my pregnancy from everyone and i felt so bad. at 24 weeks i found out she had an irregular heart beat and i just cried for days. her dad didnt care much he didnt want any kids but it was to late i was already 6 mths pregnant. he left and i was stronger than ever. when i was at about 32 weeks i finally came out and told everyone i was pregnant and i was do in 7-8 weeks they were so excited. we got the baby room already, named picked out and everything. i had to start going to the doctors about every three days and my last ultrasound everything was the same nothing wrong i was 40 weeks and 5 days. the next day we were still just waiting and finally my water broke. on the way to the hospital my mom was joking about me becoming a mom at 16 and we were just having a good time but something didnt feel right. they put the monitors on me and couldnt find the heart beat.. so they did an ultrasound and found that she had died. the went ahead on with labor and 23 hours later Alonna Faith-Nichole was born AND pronounced dead. she weighed 4lbs and 3 oz 18 inches. they let me hold her and i couldnt qiut crying. i only took off a week of school and it was so haard to go back to school and explain what had happened. now its been alost 10 months and there isnt a day i dont think about her. she will always be in my heart...-mommys little angel baby.

By tori rose

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