the LOST ones


Hayleys Story

everything was going really well, we saw the heart beat etc and then a few weeks after i saw a bit of spotting, the doctor said it was normal so i didnt think anything of it but then it all started with just a small clot,then i started to hemmorage,the 1st time it happened was at 3am so karl was around i was passing clots bigger than dinner plates, second time it happened his parents were around so just as well. Then the 3rd time it happend karls mum was around again so off i go again to emergency, the admitted me twice in the 3 times i ended up there and 3rd time i was there they finaly did a d an c. its not very common for it to happen like it did.Turns out i was 11.5 weeks so it only had to hold on those few more weeks and i would of been ok.The lady who had been doing my scans had it all mixed up with somebody else!! its bloody scary, nearly lost half my blood!! white as a sheet, prob blend in with the snow lol,had 2 be on bed rest for 2 weeks crazy shit. my blood count went down to 78!! started off at over 140. i hemmoraged 3 times as the hospital didnt do there job properly so had to go and have a op to removed them rest of my placenta and all the other clots, if i left it i could of died. i wasnt allowed to work for 2 months!!!
im coping ok, not as well as id like to be, i break down from time to time when im by myself, i dont tell any body bout that tho.we had heaps of baby stuff too which sucks even more, have baby clothes and toys and curtians etc ya know the drill. sometimes ill be just at work and start balling my eyes out, heaps of songs make me cry too. at the moment i get about 2-4 hrs sleep each day. there was a few weeks where i only slept 3 out of 7 days. sometimes i even feel like theres more clots coming out but theres not. I went to the doc and shes toldl me ive got traumatic stress syndrome. I ended up getting a bug from the hospital too, impitigo which had scarred mine and karls face!

By Hayley

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