the LOST ones



in march i found out i was 3 weeks pregnant i didnt know what to do or how to tell my boyfriend, so i decided to tell send him a picture of the pregnancy test he called me and was so excited he said we have to get married we have to do things right, that we have to tell our parents. later we got married on mothers day may 8th 2011. my husband had to go to brazil when i was 5 months pregnant and the next day i started feel a little pain around my belly i didnt think nothing of i just thought it was growing pains but as a couple ours pass i started to feel a lot of pain so i went to bathroom and when i look down blood and a lot of it. next thing i know i am on a hospital bed being told that i am in premature labor. i asked the doctor if my baby will survive and she look at me and said in order for the baby to survive the baby has to be at least 24 weeks and i was 20 weeks i started crying out for my husband bc i had forgotten that he was in brazil until my mother said that theres no way we can get a hold of an our later my water broke i was so weak and in shock that i couldnt push out my son. i woke up touching my tummy to see if it was a nightmare but when i look around i was in a hospital room. my little angel was born sleeping. my husband did not find out till the night. i miss my baby boy but i know that he is a little angel watching over his mommy and daddy, one day we will be united once again <3 mommy and daddy love so much !


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