the LOST ones


Jackson Kai; "Taking one for the team"

Hi, my name is Abby. I randomly came across this site, trying to find help with coping. Not for me though; for my uncle. See, when my aunt was 23 she was ecstatic to find out that she was pregnant with her second set of twins! She delivered two healthy baby girls at age 16 with no complications besides them being a little small. In January of 2010, she found out that she was pregnant with the second set. Her and my uncle we so excited it was all we talked about for at least two weeks. When my aunt went to her first appointment at 10 weeks everything checked out fine. But about two months later, she started having terrible cramps. She was bleeding a little bit and just doubled-over in pain. We lived together since I was 13 (I'm 18 now; 17 at the time) and I hated to see her in so much pain. Worried for the babies, we rushed to the hospital. They told us that the twins were coming and that she had no other choice but to push. At only 21 weeks (or so they told us), the doctors told us that they legally had no responsibility to give the babies any help. At 3:02 AM, Juliette Sky-Lynne was born. She weighed 2lb 2oz and was breathing. Her little heart was beating and she didn't cry but she was 100% alive. They were all astonished because this weight was more consistent with a baby around 27 weeks. They grabbed her from her mother's arms and rushed her into the NICU- deciding these babies were farther along than previously thought. 10 minutes later at 3:12, Jackson Kai was born. He was much smaller, weighing only 1lb even. He was also breathing, but it was very shallow and he often arched his back and seemed to be breathing only when he "remembered" to. They decided to take him to the NICU too, but warned us he probably would be gone during the night. That beautiful little boy hung on for 3 days. His mom kept begging and begging him not to leave her. We found out the reason her body starting "rejecting" the babies(pushing them from her body) was that she had leukemia. Finally, at 3 days old and not an ounce more than he was at birth, my aunt and uncle signed the papers for Jack to leave us to be with Jesus. Juliette came home healthy on the scheduled due date. It was almost as if Jackson was the price our family had to pay for having so many healthy children we were told wouldn't make it (My daughter I had at 15, the older twins who had TTTS, and now Juliette). We will never forget you, Jackson Kai. Your mommy is with you now and we hope to be with you someday too. Thanks for watching over us little man: we love you so much <33

By Abby


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