the LOST ones


in that moment our lives came crashing down (update)

june 2010,had a cervical resistance test done and my resistance is quite low so next pregnancy its a stitch put in for me next pregnancy at 12 weeks,i would advise anyone who has been through what we have been through to get on the doctors back to get you checked out if you have lost a pregnancy like i have,usually docs wont check for this sort of thing unless u have had 2 late pregnancy losses, dont wait if you have had 3 or more d and cs this can weaken ure cervix and cant hold a pregnancy, ask for a cervical resistance test to be done before you get pregnant...just want to prevent other parents from going through what weve been little girl might be gone but never forgotten..forever in our hearts my wee you darcy blowing big kisses up to heaven for you love u baby nite nite see u in heaven love mummy daddy and big bruv nathanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

By katie clow

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