the LOST ones


In that moment our lives came crashing down

october 2009 found out i was pregnant have had 3early miscarrages and 1successful pregnancy with 1cycle of clomid which produced my son nathan who is 4yrold now.this pregnancy i conceived on my own 1st trimester been spotting but all scans were fine got my 20wk scan everything fine a wk l8r wiped bright red blood midwife checked for htbt it was good doc came in done a speculum the membranes were bulging it was all over told we were going to lose the baby following day at 3.10 little darcy was born she was so perfect we miss her so much they think i have a weak cervix due to me having d n cs in the past i think that if theyd looked at my notes they couldave put a cervical stitch in earlier on and she would have stil been here today so angry my little girl had to endure this negligence stuf like this shouldnt be happening.katie

By Katie clow

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