the LOST ones


My little brother

It was just a typical wet and windy wellington day, that turned out as bad as the weather. I remember it like it was yesterday and it replays in my mind constantly, When the Mid-Wife told me that you were going to be born sleeping my heartbroke, I grabbed our sister and gave her the biggest hug sobbing on her shoulders. All these thoughts were playing in my mind. Please lord I'll do anything I thought. Mum and Dad came home and confirmed my worst fears again. So from there Auntie Christina came and we went to nannas. When Nanna came I felt more comfort in knowing that mum would have nan AND auntie beside her aswell as all the whanau that were there
supporting. - Then we went to the hospital the next day and not long after that our brave mum gave natural birth to you, As soon as you came out I heard nanna say you were beautiful and that's when I ran out of the room and my heart was crying out for you. I just wanted to hear you cry like all babies do when they are born. But nothing happened so I went back into the room you were in and saw how absolutely gorgeous you were and still are. I watched nanna bathe you so gently. When you left the hospital I stayed with mummy to make sure she was alright. When I went to nannas I went straight by your coffin but even more upset to see that the lid was closed, But everyone re-assured me I would be able tosay goodbye properly to my little brother. The next day was the best worst day. I got to change you and I'll remember that for the rest of my life. I got to hold you and hold your hand and smell your scent. I remember your scent, and everytime I smell it at home I know that you there
with us. Your hands were so soft and I held them so tight so you weren't cold. I held you for so long on the matresses just cuddling and looking at how beautiful you
are. Rubbing your cheeks softly, I sat next to you and anytime I had to leave your side I would make sure someone was next to you and with you.

I remember your beautiful burial and the Haka. I was so proud. I didn't want
you to go but I knew that you had to me laid to rest in peace atlast. We let go blue balloons for you. I wanted to stay with you after you were buried but I got the last
ride home.

My brother ♥, I cry for you all the time and my heart crys for you too. You will never be forgotten and I will cherish the short time we had with you, I love you so much. SOOOOOO SOOOOO SOOOOO SOOOO MUCH and I'll see you in heaven, But untill then goodbye ♥♥♥♥ RIP My little brother ♥♥♥♥ i love you , xoxoxo.

By Amethyst Staladi

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