the LOST ones


My Wee Man

My wee man, your darling mother has inspired me to send you this message of eternal love. You came to us having already made the decision to sleep through your arrival and move on. I ponder on your message daily my sweetness and each day I have a different answer but each answer is very valuable and relevant. The day I heard that you were going to stay asleep was when I was in Rotorua with your Great Uncle and I was sitting on the bed talking to him, then I got a phone call from your Koro who told me the news and this call remains etched in my mind and heart. I went completely numb both inside and out, my thoughts immediately went to your Precious Mum, Dad and sisters. I was so far away and I didn't know what I could do and I refused to believe that you were not going to wake up my wee man. I shared the news with your Uncle Tony and Kylie and Uncle Lester and Sharon. I don't recall the 4 hour drive back from Rotorua or what happened in between. I arrived at the hospital and saw your Mum and Dad and felt overwhelmingly helpless and I was forced to realise that this is not a dream and in fact you will remain asleep.

I stayed with Mum and heard her cries in the wee hours of the morning and again felt so helpless that I nor anyone else could do anything to wake you up. I think you just wanted to stay asleep my darling. I was so lucky to have your Aunty Chris to lean on and you already know how special she is. Mum had to give birth to you and she was so brave and strong during the entire labor. When you arrived you were so beautiful I just kept asking you to open your eyes and breath for us. But it wasn't to be my darling! and I took solace in having the privilege of bathing your beautiful body - Dad was right you would have been an All Black my love, but I bet you are more than an All Black where you are now. You are so precious my wee man and you live on through all of us I thank your Mum, Dad and beautiful sisters that you chose them as your family and shared you with us for this short time. A short time that will last for a life time. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS MY WEE MAN

By Nana Alvina

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