the LOST ones



I remember as though it was yesterday my darling, I was at work and got a phone call from your nana who was in Rotorua on holiday to say that your mummy had to go to hospital because you had stopped moving in her tummy, I rushed to your mummy and daddys house and everything was such a daze, mummy daddy and your sisters were crying so I brought your sisters to mine and your nana's house and mummy and daddy went to the hospital with you. I remember when you came into this world very clearly, you were the biggest little man I had ever seen, your hands and feet were definitley those of a promising all black as your father had wanted you to be, you looked so so peaceful, I watched nana giving you a bath with such love, tenderness and delicacy. It was a very precious moment, daddy and mummy held you with the deepest of affection and love and you looked absolutely beautiful in their arms, you then came home to mine and nanas house to rest until you went on your holiday, it was absolutely divine and healing and will always be treasured in my heart having you stay at our house for the days before you went away, the house was full of love and light with all your family around 24/7, your sisters spent so much time with you and your send off was one that will always be remembered, there is not a day that goes by where I don't talk to your photo as you are sitting right outside my bedroom on the wall unit, if I could turn back time my ANGEL I would, I will always be thankful that I had the opportunity to hold you in my arms and even though you had already started your journey I felt you were with us and the feeling will never leave my heart.

Especially for you my ANGEL:

There is never a time in my life when I'm not with you in some way,
There are moments when you come to mind more strongly,
sometimes in a special way, but you are with me always,
You will forever be a part of me and my life,
because I love you dearly and you will forever have a place in my heart,
The bond between us is unbreakable. I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE ANGEL. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

By Chrisitna Etimani

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