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Jennifer and Faith's Story

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I wanted to thank everyone for their support and prayers for Jennifer and Mike. Jennifer was 20 weeks pregnant with her baby girl Faith. This was absolutely the scariest thing I have been through. The whole story in my words is. Friday night 9/18 Jennifer was having excruciating abdominal pain we immediately took her to Riverside County Hospital. They did an untrasound and found nothing abnormal they said everything looked fine and the baby was healthy so they diagnosed her with a UTI and sent her home. I called Jennifer a few hours after she got home on 9/19 and asked her if she was still in pain she was crying and said yes. I then called my Bestfriend Michelle and we picked up Jennifer and took her to San Bernardino Community for a 2nd oppinion, as we are waiting in the waiting room of the ER Jennifer's abdominal pain continued to get worse. We then had to fight with the ERto get her seen immediately. They finally gave her a bed and started to run test which included a full Transabdominal and a Transvaginal Ultrasound. The ER Doctor on call came in to talk to us and explained she had a very rare and uncommon pregnancy and a rare uterus. They called it a Abdominal Ectopic Pregnancy and said she also has a Bicornuate Uterus. The Doctor and the Ultrasound Tech said they had never seen this type of pregnancy in their whole medical career. The baby was still alive and healthy but Jennifer was in danger. She was then sent up to Labor and Delivery to do further testing. There the Doctor also wanted to send her home with a prescription for Vicodin andto get further testing, Jennifer is still in excruciating pain so at this point Michelle and Myself refused to take her home and insisted that they keep her for observation. They finally agreed to keep her for a 24 hour observation and they agreed to doing an MRI in the morning. The morning of 9/21 I then received a phone call from San Bernardino Community Hospital saying that they ran the test and it was indeed confirmed that she was pregnant with an Abdominal Ectopic Pregnancy and tranferred her to Arrowhead Medical Center immediately because she was now "HIGH RISK" Michelle and I rushed to the hospital within the hour and walked into a room full of Doctors and Surgeons prepping her for Surgery. It felt unreal my Niece is laying on the bed and started to cry when she saw me saying they couldn't save the baby. She was at that point only concerned about her baby just like a mother would be. I then started to find out what was happening the Surgeons told me their only concern was Jennifer because she was already so far along in her pregnancy and it was very dangerous, the baby was growing in her Abdominal wall outside her uterus on the right side. She had already lost a liter of blood and that is where the Abdominal pain was coming from. They could not find a heartbeat. The Doctors and Surgeons have never came across this situation because they have never seen it, some Doctors told me it's a once in a lifetime for them. They explained to me the risk of Surgery and at this point they were unsure where the placenta was attached to her inside, they said the Surgery could go either way, the placenta was getting a good source of blood supply from her and they had to do an Exploratory Surgery to find out if her placenta was attached to any of her major organs. The Surgeon advised us that they had put everything else on hold and were focusing solely on Jennifer. They had the best Surgeons from every field incase there are any complications. They then wheeled her in to Surgery shortly after. We waiting and the Surgeon came out with good news. Jennifer made it through the surgery her right Uterus ruptured inside her and immediately detached itself from her placenta which immediated caused Faith fate. Her placenta was only attached to her Uterus and they were able to remove her placenta and Baby Faith without any further complications. The Surgeon seemed relieved as were we. All I can say is my Niece is a fighter. She is a remarkable woman I thank the lord every morning for her. Due to the incompetence of 2 hospitals she wouldn't be alive today. Unfortunately we lost our babygirl Faith which we will hold dear in our hearts forever. Today Jennifer is walking and healing more and more everything she will have a long road ahead of her but I know she will make it through with all the love and support around her. I got to hold Faith on Tues the 22nd she is very beautiful and looks just like her mama. I will hold that memory with me forever. We are in the process of arranging a memorial service for baby Faith Castellanos on the 6th of October.

By Faith's Aunt


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