the LOST ones


A Tragic Day-Our Son's Day Of Entering Heaven.

Owen was born on April 27, 2006. He weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. 19 inches, and the most beautiful little boy I had ever seen. He was brought home to his sisters, Freesia, 11, and Emiley, 7. They were so good to him. And so very protective. If Owen ever fell down and got hurt, Freesia would just freak out. She'd cry, and say: "My brother's hurt, my brother's hurt!" I'd giver herhugs and tell her it was ok, and he was going to be ok. On Owen's 1st birthday, Freesia and Emiley made him the cake, and I just watched and laughed. I know how much they loved him, and how much they now miss him. Sometimes when he would go to day-care, Freesia would cry for a few seconds. So would Emiley, because they always missed and worried about him if he was by someone else. But, they knew they could totally trust the day-care to take great care of Owen. When Owen would come home at about 3:30 pm from day-care, he would look at you and say: "Where sissy?" or "Sissy?" and when the girls would come in the house, he'd run up to them and say: "Sissy!" He loved his sisters, and his parents, and everyone around him. He always had a smile on his face that would brighten your day. One day, when he went to his cousin's with me, Jack (my husband), and the girls to go swimming. Jared had Owen in a little floaty-type thing to keep him from going under the water. Well, it had a hole in it, and Jared, nor anyone noticed it. Owen went under. I was in the house helping my mom clean up for lunch. I then heard yelling. I heard Mary, my sister, yelling: "Call 911!! Do CPR!!" I just figured my little neice, Alexis, 6, was having one of her asthma attacks, so I ran in the drawer and grabbed her inhaler, and ran outside. But, it wasn't Alexis. It was Owen! He was lifeless! He went under the water too long! He couldn't fight! The EMT's arrived like 5 minutes later. They tried everything. CPR, Chest Compressions, and everything! Nothing. He had been under toolong, and he couldn't fight, he couldn't come back. They pronounced our only boy dead just minutes later. We were just devastated. How could he have drowned? The hole in the floaty! That's what caused it. He drowned on July 27, 2008 at age 2 years, 3 months. We love and miss him everyday. Owen now has a little brother, Alexander Michael, born on June 22, 2009. He looks so much like Owen! So where too from here. Well, I'm not so sure. Freesia, Emiley, and Jared miss him deeply. We also love him deeply. We'll make sure little Alex knows all about his big brother in Heaven when he is older. Well, I'm going to go. There is alot more I could say, But, I wish to end here.
-Owen's Family Appreciates you reading his story.
-Owen's Family. xoxoxo.

By Owen Chanlan Smith's Mommy & Daddy.


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