the LOST ones


My two angels gone but not forgotten

I had a 1 year old when I meet my husband in 2002.

When my boy was 2yrs we thought it was time to have a family of our own, in November 2003 I got pregnant and at 6weeks sadly I started to bleed, was the most horrible month of my life, after being told I was still pregnant by my doctor as my HCG levels were still high.

I was still cramping and bleeding and was told I would lose the baby soon, Then on the 14th of December I started bleeding so bad and clotting the size of tennis balls, went to hospital and was there for 2hrs and then sent home as I had stopped Bleeding (as I was Laying down), within 20mins of me being home I was up at the hospital again losing more blood. After 2 blood Transfusions, they moved me up to the ward and told me I would have to have a DNC, so on the 15th of December I had my DNC and felt so much better after as I was so sick, felt like I had slept for months and my headache was gone.

A month later I found out I was pregnant again and the pregnancy was fine and had my Baby girl (8lb 6oz) in October 2004.

Then in August 2006 we found out I was pregnant again and at 6 weeks I started bleeding my heart dropped, I couldn't lose another baby.

Was under a specialist and was told to have bed rest and only get up if I needed to go loo.
The bleeding slowed down and was cramping, was the longest 6weeks to wait to here the baby's heartbeat and when I heard it was relieved. Had a healthy boy (7lb 2oz) in April 2008.

In November 2007 we found out we were excepting again, was very stress as was planning a wedding, I had been very sick and put it down to morning sickness, then I started bleeding at 10weeks, saw specialist and was booked in for a scan to see what was happening as I was bleeding heavy again. Went for the scan the next day to find out there was no heartbeat and baby had died at 8weeks, so I had been carrying a dead baby for 2weeks was so upset.
They told me baby was very low down and should come out soon, that afternoon our baby came out. I felt a lot better once this had happened.

In February 2008 I found out we were excepting another baby and was so scared I would go through the same thing and didn't relax about the pregnancy until I was 13weeks and heard that heartbeat, Had a healthy wee girl (7lb 2oz) in October 2008.

Each year we let balloons go on there birthday's in July. We also have 2 Clay babies and a Memory Bracelet. In my heart I know they were boys.

Love you our angels.
Kisses and Hugs.

From Mummy and Daddy and your brother's and Sister's xoxoxo

By Kim

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