the LOST ones


Nana's Little 'Dude'

Where do I begin, I have lost one of the most precious gifts given to me, my beautiful Grandson Max Ryan Ruscoe.

No words can describe the ache I feel deep within my heart but this ache and pain is magnified so much more for his parents and the loss they feel.

Life is so fragile and we must grab it with both hands and enjoy each and every day.

Although Max was only with us for 21months the love, and joy that little boy gave is overwhelming.

I miss him terribly and it is heartbreaking to think I will not see him grow into a young man but I would have rather had this beautiful child for 21 months in my life than not have had him at all.

Forever etched in my heart Nana's 'little Dude'

Nana Faye

By Nana Faye


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