the LOST ones


Little fairy, living in the stars

There was a little fairy. Her name was Ryliegh. She was taken from her mummy, by a daddy who didn't care. He doesnt even deserve such a lovely title, because daddies dont hurt their babies.

I was fourteen when i met Ryleigh's 'dad', i hate calling him that, but i guess thats what he is wether i like it or not. He was a year older than me and did all the right things to make me feel special. Wed been going out a month maybe when he wanted to take things to the next level, i didnt. But he didnt care he made it happen anyway (i wont get into details, im sure you can all guess.) and two days later he broke up with me. Just before my 15th birthday, i found out i was pregnant. I had never been so scared in my life, i cried and cried and as i was so young and confused, i kept it to myself.

On the 17th of feb 05 Ryleigh's 'dad' came to see me. He said he was sorry and he loved me and wanted me back, i told him i didn't want him and asked him to leave. He started getting angry and pushed me up against a wall, I screamed at him to stop and whispered "please don't hurt my baby," All i remember after this is my stomach being punched time after time till i fell to the ground. I went to bed that night with a pain in my stomach, it was so bad i cried myself to sleep and woke constantly all night. I had never felt so scared or alone. I woke up around 3am to my bed covered in blood. I tried to stand up but the a pain was so bad that just to walk sent tears down my face. My parents had gone away, so i washed my sheets and left the house without seeing them.

I kept my secret deep inside me, only crying when i was alone, and writting in the book i started to keep my feelings in. I knew in my heart she was a girl, and named her Ryleigh. She was my special little fairy. To this day, i have probably only told ten to twelve people, and i never told my mum or dad. I recently told my sister, because she too lost a baby.

I never replied to the calls or txt's Ryleigh's dad has sent me over the years and havnt seen him in 3 years, the one time i did i turned around and ran out of the shop. Ive heard stories, and i know he's in and out of jail and probably re-hab for drug abuse but i have tried to contact him. I hate him. Not for what he did to me, but what he did to his baby.
Parents are there to protect their children. NOT HARM THEM. And as far as i am concern, he very much harmed his baby. As her mum, i would have given anything, just to keep her safe.

I believe my little fairy now lives in the sky, and when i look up and see the brightest star there, i know shes watching over me.

I have been thru a tough four years, but i can keep going because my daughter has given me the strength to do so. I've come so far but still have so far to go. But i now believe i am a better person, i am much stronger. I never liked who i was before, and thats because of him. But i like who i am now, and thats because of her.

Ryleigh. I love you. Thank you baby. You were always real to me.

By Ryliegh's Mum

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