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The Indigo Children

My daughter is developmentally delayed - it went undiagnosed by doctors until she was 16 months old. She was not walking or talking by this time, and my husband and I were hoping she was just a late bloomer. When her cousin's pediatrician suggested we seek intervention for her, my husband went online and found all sorts of scary things that could be wrong with her. He was absolutely devastated and cried for hours and hours while I was at work. Desperate, we sought help in a way that we could and were referred to a holistic healer. We figured that it couldn't hurt to take her to this woman. Her name is Rhonda, and if you met her, you would think she is a nut job! Until you start to listen to her. After listening to her, you realize that she believes everything she tells you and she keeps on telling you even though she knows your are skeptical. She never hesitates, but continues teaching you. She explains that she uses what she calls the "Christ Energy" to heal because it is the purest energy. If you have ever heard of Sedona, AZ, you will probably know that it is the New Age mecca and many people believe it has vortexes, special healing powers in the rock formations, etc. Rhonda used to do public healing's in Sedona.

Anyway, she told us that in the last ten years the Indigo children are being born. Every person on earth has an "aura" and indigo is just now being seen in children. There is a book called The Indigo Children that was written for teachers and caregivers of these children if you are interested in reading it. Some of these children that are born are what is called "far away seeds". What that means is these children are experiencing their first time on earth, and are born the farthest from Christ walking on the earth, where you and I are old souls who have walked the earth many times through many lives. The "far away seeds" have a difficult time remaining on the physical plane of the universe. They are intimidated by their physical bodies and often chose to go back to the spiritual plane to remain with Jesus until a later time. The purpose for these children to come to earth is to bring peace to the world - that is why God put them here on earth. Rhonda told us that my daughter was unsure if she wanted to remain on the physical plane, and that is why she has experienced the delays that she has. My daughter was always a very pale baby - hardly any color in her face, but beautiful pure white skin. Rhonda told us that her circulation was stuck closed and she would help open it - that was the first time I ever saw my baby's cheeks pink - tears came to my eyes.

Rhonda also told me later that she sensed part of my daughter's problems were chemical related. She wanted to know if my husband had ever worked with chemicals. Six years before out daughter was born, he was a professional pest control agent. Since we have started seeing Rhonda on a regular basis, many things have come to pass. Every single test the medical doctors have run have come back normal. They have run the most extensive genetic tests there are, and nothing is wrong. My daughter has had an MRI of her brain, and it has come back normal. And I swear on my life and that of everyone I love, that every time my daughter comes home from spending a couple of hours with Rhonda, she thrives! Her color is good, her energy is fantastic, she has a spurt of new skills that she develops, and I know in my heart that God has given this woman the gift of healing. I believe every word she says to me.

I still take my daughter to medical doctors, but I don't put as much faith into what they tell me any more. My daughter is a "far away seed", and she is going to be a healer of children according to Rhonda. My reason for writing this to you is to give you hope and understanding - God didn't take your baby away. Your angel is with God, and you will see him/her again. There is another baby waiting to come to your open arms for you to love and care for. Your far away seed will come back to you, I just know it. God Bless you and help you through this terrible time in your life. I am praying for you.

By Jackie


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