the LOST ones


Our Hunter

We had tried for a few years to get pregnent, then it happened I found out that we was going to have a baby. The good news couldn't come at a better time my moms brother had just lost his battle to cancer, so when I found out I called my mom and for the first time in a while she was happy, and just like any grandmother she couldn't wait to go shopping for her grandchild. My husband told his parents and it seemed everything was now going to be the way it should be our family was going to start to grow and nothing would or could stop it.

But then three weeks after finding out that I was pregnent I started to bleed, I went to the ER and found out that I was three months along and they was worried about the baby because the HCG levels was dropping so I had to come back in two days for more test and an ultrasound to make sure that the baby was doing ok. When the docter came in I knew that something wasn't right just the way he looked when he walked in the room, he told us that our little angel's heart had stopped around the 8th week and there was nothing that could be done and that I would miscarry in about 24 hours. I didn't want to believe him I thought this couldn't happen to us we have been trying for so long and God would take our child not this soon after my uncles death. We went back to our friends house to stay the night because it was closer to the hospital and if something happened I could get to the ER without any trouble.

I went through the rest of the day in fog I couldn't think of anything I woke up the next moring around 4am I had past a blood clot so my husband and our friend took me back to the ER they couldn't tell if I had miscarried so they sent me back home then I started to have alot of pain and bleeding harder so I went back to the ER when I was laying on the bed I told God if you are going to take my baby at least let me know what I was going to have I remember shouting my eyes and I saw a baby rapped in a blue blanket with dark brown hair and blue eyes. I still remember every thing about him. When the baby come out my friend looked at me and know that I wanted to see my Baby so she asked the nurse if it would be ok. They handed her a jar that held our little angel I want soooo much to hold him and tell him that I love him,and no matter what he will always be our fist child.

My husband and I gave him a name we call him Hunter, and My husband bought a weeping willow tree because we have no grave to viset, Hunter was to tiny and it was up to the hospital to run test and to creamate him. I will never foreget what happened and we will never give up on God because He is the only one could ever bring us through this with the understanding that Hunter is with Him and is safe from all harm.

By Weny Woods

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