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Camden Marks Birthstory

Our beautiful Angel Camden was born on the 19th of July 2006 his due date was the 5th of December 2006 (gest:20wks 1day).

On the Sunday the 16th of July hubby and I enjoyed a lovely day in the sunshine doing errands and pottering around home. That afternoon on my usual of many toilet stops I noticed a very thick muscy show streaked with blood. I got into a bit of a Panic and hubby calmed me down a little and took me though to the hospital. I was quickly ushered off to Maternity where the Midwife did an internal exam to inform me my Cervix was closed and it was normal to sometimes have shows around the midway mark as things stretch. We listerned to Camdens heartbeat on the monintor and it was loud and strong so that was a relief. We were sent home and told to take it easy put my feet up and rest. The next day the Monday we were due for our 20wks scan which we were both very excited about.

Monday rolled around and the bleeding hadnt stopped. Still a little worried but with havin the scan in the afternoon eased my tensions a little. Our scan was booked for 1:15pm and as usual the clinic was running late. Sitting there 20wks preggars with a full bladder I dont know how I didnt wet my pants. The radiographer checked out everything on the scan and bubs was looking good. He was showing being about a week ahead in size with a strong heartbeat and his kidneys were working fine as we watched him empty his bladder was so cool to see. Even thou hubby did point out our little man was swimming and drinking his own pee!! Then the radiographer checked out my Cervix. He couldnt see it on the screen externaly so decided to do an internal scan to check it out. It showed my cervix had shortened to 1.2cm when it should have been 3cm. He rang my OB and I was ordered to go straight home on Strick bedrest. Was basicaly confined to my bed only allowed off to pee and had to go to my OB's clinic the next day (tuesday) at 12:15pm. We got home and I got a sharp stabbing pain right down into my groin and the bleeding got heavier. Hubby rang the OB's room where I was told to go up to the hospital. I had the same midwife again from the night before she basically made me feel like a complete twat. She went on how the Internal scan would have caused the bleeding (Arrr I have struggled with Infertility, IVF, IUI's etc... have had more internals than external scans and have never bled once)!! Anyway was basically ushered into a room admitted into the hospital my room door closed and that was it didnt see a another nurse doctor or anyone till 7am the next morn when the am nurse started her shift. My OB came in to see me at 9am in the morn and informed me that depending on how things looked when I went into her clinic I would go to surgery either that night or the next morn for a stitch in my Cervix but I was showing signs of an Incompetent Cervix.

So hubby took me up to the OB's Clinic again waited for ages to be seen. My appointment was at 12:15pm and didnt get seen till 1pm. She started to scan me internaly and didnt say anything but had a very worried look on her face. She took the scanning probe out and took out a speculum and looked internaly which was quickly removed and we were given the bad news. "Im sorry but its alot worse than we first thought. Your Cervix is fully dialted the whole 10cm and your membranes are bulging I need to get you to surgery asap!!" So again ushered back up to the hospital put in bed with my feet reaching for the sky and my head so low to the floor all the blood rushed to my head and I had the worst headache. I hadnt had anything to eat or drink since brekkie so was starving and so was bubs he was kicking me demanding food!! Hubby and held each other and cried hanging on to the little bit of hope we had left but knew things werent looking good for us. At 7pm I got wheeled up to surgery and about 7:30pm wheeled into surgery. I was put under a GA but the Dr in charge of the GA put the air tube down my throat too far so only one lung was getting oxgyen. He pulled the tube back up a little and with that I started to cough and my Membrane ruptured. I was wheeled into recovery and hubby was called up to Surgery where he was told what had happened. I was so out of it and wasnt sure what was going on. I was wheeled back down to delivery to deliver our beautiful little boy. I mostly dozed but had a few niggles the midwife gave me a shot of petherdine. With that I promptly vomited up everywhere. Hubby and I were left alone to sleep and rest and to await the rest of my labour and delivery. I had a few pains and breathed thru them. The only position I could get comfortable was on my right side like I had slept most night in my pregnancy. About 2am the pains got really intence so hubby rang for the midwife. She felt around and Camden was there waiting to be born. We tired pushing but I couldnt on the bed. So we chattered for awhile about life and where we had been in the world etc.... By 4:15am I decided I really needed to pee as I hadnt since 6pm the night before and maybed that might help with the pain I was getting. Anyway sitting on the toilet I panic a little as I tried to push the pee out I was pushing Camden out. He was delivered at 4:30am bum first breech. He was alive but made no noice. He was perfect so beautiful and had the hugest feet I had ever seen on a little baby. He was going to be a big boy. He weighed 320gms and was 26cm long at his birth. We held our little man told him we loved him kissed him. Camden passed away in my arms at 5am.

I was then given a shot in the leg to help the Placenta detached itself but no way was it budging!!! The midwife pulled on the cord hoping to dislogde it but instead ended up snapping the cord. So again I was rushed up to surgery for my second dose of GA within 12hours for a D&C.

I have PCOS and have struggled with Infertility my whole adult life. At the begining of this year 2006 we did our first IVF cycle. Due to my PCOS I got overstimulated and ended up in Hospital for 8 day with Sereve OHSS and all our fertilized eggs from IVF put on Ice to use at a later date. Camden was our little Miracle a baby that Dr's had told us would be impossible to concieve as my chances of concieving naturaly was nill!! Boy did we prove them wrong as Camden was Concieved Naturally one month to the day of me getting out of hospital with the OHSS!! So after 8 rounds of Clomid and 2 failed IUI's our little Miracle gave us the most preious gift of all and a dream that wasnt fully completed but a memeory that will last forever.

Camdens burial was the hardest and the most saddest day of my life. It was a bitterly cold day but he kept the rain at bay until after his little graveside service. He was laid to rest in his lovely little white casket fulled with fun things and a special letter and poem that his Mummy and Daddy wrote for him. Hubby and I talk alot about Camden and how he was so brave to give his life for his brothers and sisters so Mummy and Daddy know what lies ahead for the next baby.

Sleep well and rest in peace our little angel in heaven. Mummy and Daddy love you so much, and miss you.

By Fleur aka: MrsSloppers

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