the LOST ones


Cassidy, oh Cassidy

Cassidy, oh Cassidy,
my sweet and tiny child,
I wish I could have held you
if only for a while

I never got to see you smile,
or comb your curly hair
I didn't get to hear your laugh
or pick out what you'd wear

I won't see your first tooth,
or teach you how to talk
I won't get to read to you,
or clap when you start to walk

You won't get to go to school,
won't get to write your name
I hope you know I tried my best,
I hope I'm not to blame

I've shed enough tears for you
to fill a river twice
I see you in my dreams, though,
each and every night

Cassidy, oh Cassidy,
I wanted you so much
I long to smell your sweetness,
I long to feel your touch

I wanted you so much, my child,
and miss you even more
I know someday we'll meet again,
and embrace at Heaven's door

You'll live on forever
in my heart, my mind, and soul
I love you more than anything,
without you I'm not whole

I cry each day and every night,
wishing you were here
I know my misery won't bring you back,
but wishing keeps you near

I hope you know I wanted
only the best for you
I would have done anything,
anything for you

Cassidy, oh Cassidy,
let Mommy know you're near
Float to me on my river,
my river made of tears.


By Maryann Mitchell

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