the LOST ones


A Darling Wee Girl To Precious For This World

Where did you go, Baby dear?
Out of the everywhere into there
Where did you get those eyes so blue?
Out of the sky as I came through

What made your eyes open on time?
It was my journey and the love - I left behind
What made your forehead so smooth and high?
An Angel stroked it as I went by

What makes you smile in bliss?
It's my Guardian Angel, waiting to give me a kiss
Where did you get those pearly ears?
God spoke and they came out to hear

Where did you get those arms and hands?
Love made them special - time and love still stand
Feet - where did you come from, you darling little things?
From the same box as my little angel wings

How did they all just come to be you?
With Mummy's and Daddy's love I grew
How did you come to us little one?
I chose you specially - I was your number one

I was only on loan for nine short months
You would not wish to have not known me
To have felt me kicking in your tum
To have heard my heartbeat with your ears
To see me on scan and wish I was here

For as your wee daughter I did know
The loving parents I was unable to have
I heard your heartbeat very close to my ears
And I gently and softly kicked at my Daddy's hand

But sadly all of your dreams were not to come true
And I was not meant to fully know you

Although you didn't ever see me smile
You have cuddled me close in your loving arms for awhile

The day that you knew I was on the way
That day your love started and will stay
I never knew the joy and pleasure of
Living with you
But how proud you must be
That I did live within you
And my love will always be with you

As we lovingly and gently let her go
Be sad, and shed a tear
And over the next months
You will have a cross to bear
But look to each other, your family and friends
They will always be there
Take the load off the cross
And help your broken hearts to mend

What made her cheeks like a warm white rose?
Shes seen something better - than anyone knows?
Where did she get that little tear?
It was waiting from Mummy and Daddy,
When she got there

We now leave our beautiful little angel
In love and peace
And in a small corner of out hearts
She will always be.

What would you do if you hadn't cuddled her close
In your loving arms for awhile
It's better she stayed for a very short time
So that you will always know
The love she has left behind
The love, you can keep in your hearts
For a life time


By Benny Sowry - written to Stephanie McCready 280101

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