the LOST ones


My Angel-Princess

At this time its almost a year
That I dont have u near
My heart is the same as the day you went away
I will sit and cry all day

I miss you princess I miss you dear
My heart is heavy and my eyes cant hold a tear
I want just one more kiss to you
I think it is a little past due

Daddy and Mommy wont ever forget
And youve made us stronger and that i admit
You have a new brother who I know u play with
I know you told Jesus to send him as a gift

And if I had to come again I will do it all once more
With ever inch in my heart that I adore ...
Your sisters and brother talk about you all the time
I know you hear them and smile and shine .........

Preshyous misses you very much
Eddie wants one last touch
Carlos Wants to hold you near
And Vickki wants to play with your hair

See you later my love never Goodbye
Until the day I die
I will see you again I pray
And thats the last thing I'll say


By Mommy

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