the LOST ones


Sister's lil Angel, Mummy's Shining Star

The morning calls out
For me to wake
But the pain rushes back
My smile is fake.
I hold back the tears
That threaten to spill,
The beasts have their claws out,
They're ready to kill.
It's been two weeks
And the days have flown by,
Yet not a single soul
Has seen a drop from my eye.
The beasts turn their backs,
There is nowhere to run,
To them it's a game,
And to kill is their fun.
I have to be strong,
I have to fight back
So i put on my armour,
My emotions lay flat.
No time to reflect,
Or sit in self wallow,
For who gives a fuck
That my soul is now hollow?
How hard IS it fuckers,
To lend me an ear?
Or a shoulder to cry on,
Just to show that you care?
You think I don't see
Through your murderous lies?
The smirk on your face,
The hate in your eyes?
You said that you'd be there,
Through thick and through thin-
Swore that you loved me,
Where the FUCK have you bin?
"Now, i'm fighting you, beasts,I won't let you win.
I'll forever hold on
To the grief from within"
I'll stand and i'll fight,
But i'll do it alone,
For where is MY army?
My people, my own?
I pretend it don't hurt,
I make out it don't phase me,
Whilst silently begging,
"Please, someone, help save me!"
I'm nearing the end,
Lost the will to survive,
Coz the day that i lost you,
A part of me died.
If i could have gone with you,
Please trust me, I would,
But the easy way out
Wouldn't have done any good.
For it's not only me
To think about here,
My two little girls,
They needed me here.
They needed their mummy,
Just as i needed them,
They help me look forward,
To be happy again.
Your sisters would have loved you,
Had you made it to earth,
But we will never forget you,
Your voice will be heard.
To know you're in Heaven,
Watching over us now,
Your mummy, your sisters,
We will make you so proud.
And although it hurts deeply,
I know your not far-
You are your sisters lil Angel,
And mums shining Star.



By C. Millar

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