the LOST ones


Hands Feet and Hair

Hands, feet and hair

Your wee little feet,
that once jabbed my ribs,
now walk the soft carpets of heaven.

Your beautiful hands,
which I longed to grip my pinky,
now pick daisies in heaven.

Your soft brown hair,
that looked much like mine,
is now brushed by angels in heaven.

Your precious button nose,
which never breathed air,
now breaths the sweet scent of heaven.

Your cute little ears,
that only knew sounds from my womb,
now listen to the lullabies of heaven.

Your perfect little mouth,
that never let out a cry,
now blow kisses in heaven.

Your sweet angel eyes,
that we never got to see,
now look upon us from heaven.

Written by Mummy


By Amanda Jull (Trinitys Mum)

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