the LOST ones


Our Sebastian

Sometimes we think about you and cry
Even though we know you are okay in the sky.
Being strong is what we will have to do
Always know that we love you.
Seeing you for the first time opened up our hearts
The thought of you not here tears us apart.
In the end we know we will see you again
After all, we know your life never really began.
Nothing will compare to the hurt that we have felt
More than anything, I wish different cards we dealt.
Inside our hearts is where you will always stay
Coming closer to each other with each passing day.
Having you up in heaven looking down from above
All we can do is show you how much you were loved.
Everyone would have loved your blue eyes
Leaving without you was a tragic surprise.
Rest in peace little one, we wish you were here
On June 16, 2009 it happened, a parent's biggest fear.
Believe us when we say, we miss you very much
Only if you were here, we know there is and will be nonsuch.
Smiling has become harder to do everyday
Keeping you in our hearts is the only way,
I can get through each passing day.


By Michael Adam Roboski (MAR)

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