the LOST ones


For a Moment

I saw for just a moment, your little arms and legs.
The little blur they said was you, but now you've gone away.

I heard for just a moment, the beating of your heart.
The sound that held such promise, but soon it would depart.

I dreamt for just a moment, of the day I'd hold you tight.
I'd listen for your little breath, and rock you through the night.

I cried for just a moment, when they said that you had gone.
I laid alone in silence, that seemed so very long.

I prayed for just a moment, that you would be reborn.
Into my arms you would come and forever would be warm.

I was for just a moment, the mother of a child.
Who laughed and cried and meant so much, if only for a while.

In that single moment, when I finally said farewell.
I knew that we would meet again little baby, for time will only tell.


By Michelle Burch

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