the LOST ones


My Angel Trinity Clair

You were an angel,
created by love.
Now you're an angel,
in the heavens above.

Your precious little body,
to which I gave birth.
Now lies in ashes,
to be returned to the earth.

Though the tears on my pillow,
will dry over time.
There will always be tears,
in this broken heart of mine.

For you were my first born,
my precious baby girl.
You will never be forgotten,
even though you are no longer of this world.

Your memory will live forever,
in my mind, my heart, my soul.
But without you here in my arms,
I will never again be whole.

I will never see you open your eyes,
or walk, or crawl, or run.
I will never hear you laugh or cry,
or hear you call me 'Mum'.

Instead I'm painting pictures,
and naming stars for you.
And putting together scrapbooks,
it's all that I can do.

So remember me my angel,
for we will meet again one day.
And when we're reunited,
Forever, together, we will stay.


By Amanda Jull - Mummy of Trinity

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