the LOST ones



november 22 what a glorius day.
went and took the test wondering what it would say.
came out the bathroom holding it high.
i knew at that moment it was not a lie.
that little plus sign was bright and bold.
i knew at that moment it was true what they had told.
it was so great to be a mother to be.
but it all went down hill as you can see.
he came 3 days befor he was due.
i just knew his favorit color was going to be blue.
his name was christopher named after his dad.
he was just 2 months it was so sad
i got up that sunday morning to him not waking.
falling to the floor i started shaking.
we went to hospital they said they done there best.
they said my son was at rest.
all i did was scream and cried.
cause i knew at that momment my son had died.
may my son rest in peace
but my love for him will never seace


By Patricia Gail Oody "MOMMY"

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