the LOST ones


Daddies Little Girl

to my baby girl serenity
when i held your body in my hands

i thought of all the things
that i had planned

your were so beautiful like you were asleep
pain in my heart runs so deep

how i wish you were here right now
to inhale that sweet aroma of your baby smell

i remember in sadness the look on your face
how i wanted to take your place

so hard to cope with you not here
why did life have to be so unfair

didnt get a chance to capture your smile
facing realities going to take a while

my love for you is like the brightest star glowing
and its hard to stop these tears from flowing

even though times are rough and so painful
you were given wings and born an angel

it hurts much more to see mummy cry
but our love for you will never die

what i see is one of the best things
is having a daughter as an angel thats a true blessing

for you my baby girl we will try to stay strong
heaven is the place where you belong

daddy has a cry to try and ease the pain
but no matter where i go it always seems to rain

how i wish we were a family all together as we should be
i niss you baby girl

i miss you so much
give anything in this world just to feel your touch

everything fells so cold
now we havent got you to hold

daddies little girl in my heart forever

went to heaven 28.4.06
stillborn at 33 weeks 30.4.06
loved deeply by her parents tony and awhina
dearly missed by her siblings rocky, awhina, antoinette, elisha and xavier


By Tony Caffery for Serenity

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